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Kanye West big league expansion and Tyler Posey on depression

Celebrity Gossip: Kanye West, Rihanna, Josh Duggar, Tyler Posey and Kathy Griffin support.

Bella Thorne has a taste for ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘La La Land’ tops Toronto Film Festival

On Friday, Bella Thorne was seen out-and-about in West Hollywood with fellow actor Tyler Posey. While walking around the area, Bella was photographed holding hands and kissing the Teen Wolf star.

Taylor Swift Knocks Out Beyonce Jayz & Ed Sheeran To Rescue: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Well, it looks like Beyonce and Jay Z are days away from officially being dethroned off the top of the Forbes highest-earning celebrity couple. This year Forbes will be ranking the world’s top earning stars by annual income only and this has lead to two new faces reigning on the top of the list.

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