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Is the FCC Quiet Period Truly Over?

The FCC Quiet period is now over and now the government has control of the internet. Net Neutrality is now a reality. There will supposedly be no more threats to the equality of bandwidth provided to internet subscribers depending on their respective infrastructures.

More Drama As Net Neutrality Thursday Vote Arrives

For something that the elected officials try to make sound so simple, they certainly are creating plenty of minefields along the way regarding net neutrality. We reported earlier this month breaking it down into its simplest form about what the fight is all about seeing it from both sides.

FCC Deciding Whose Internet It Will Be

A ruling to decide whose internet it is, will be made by the Federal Communication Commission, FCC. Tom Wheeler the Chairperson of FCC said that the high pitches of modems used by the public and use of noisy modem has made the “information superhighway”.

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