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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle engagement photos plus another Kardashian coming

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Prince Harry Meghan Markle engagement photos, Catt Saler on E! News, Khloe Kardashian pregnant, Nelly sued, Eminem, Tom Hanks on Donald Trump.

Wasting money on Tom Hanks ‘Inferno’ Review

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard disappoint with the weakest film in the Robert Langdon series "Inferno." Howard continues disappointing after his "In the Heart of the Sea," and it feels like Hanks just took a payday while pissing all over his fans.

Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea’ scares off Tom Hanks ‘Inferno’ at box office

Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise must be scratching their heads or realizing that times have changed for Hollywood as Madea tops the box office charts for a second week.

Tom Hanks’ ‘Sully’ takes over box office

Tom Hanks proved adult audiences will still go to the theater if there's something they want to see, and Clint Eastwood's Miracle on the Hudson, "Sully" fit the bill this weekend.

Researchers Cry Foul On Will Smith’s ‘Concussion’

We know how Hollywood likes to 'dramatize' things when it comes to biopics, and Will Smith's "Concussion", based around the work of Bennett Omalu appears to be no different.

BRIDGE OF SPIES Movie Review (2015)

In the world of Hollywood, you can really do no wrong with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg attached to a movie. And Bridge of Spies proved that notion perfectly. Based on a true story, it is just an all-around good movie.

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