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PC Does What? But What is a PC?

PC sales have significantly slumped during the mobile revolution. As it turns out, for most people, all they really need is a good smartphone or a tablet for their average computing needs like connecting to the internet, reading email, catching up on the news, chatting with friends and posting to social media.

Will USB Type-C Crossover To PC From Apple MAC & Should You Care

There is no doubt that USB is one of the most common types of connection that we see between computer and peripherals and it is an abbreviation that will be recognised by almost anyone who owns a computer.

What Windows 10 Will Bring To Gaming

Windows 10, the latest version of the popular Windows operating system is well on its way along the production line and with the public technical preview soon to be closing off, the operating system is nearing its final stages of development with an intended launch coming this summer.

An Ode to PCs? Not Likely

The end is nigh, says the generic, religious homeless person with a sandwich board. PCs are out! Convert to mobile! Let us go to the cloud! Are PCs doomed to death soon? Should he be believed?

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