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NFL Stars Take a Massive Pay Cut when They Make the Playoffs

NFL Playoffs Don't Make the Players Go Hungry, But They're A Far Cry From Their Contract Salaries

2015 NFL Divisional Round Preview Predictions

Some ‘big’ news in the NFL today. The Mueller report on the Ray Rice incident was released. Surprisingly the man the NFL hired to investigate them found in their favor. No one saw that coming. Anyways, here’s the Divisional Round:

2015 NFL Wild Card Weekend Overview: Bengals v Colts, Lions v Cowboys

Wild Card weekend is upon us. All those teams that weren’t good enough to make the top four now have a chance to show their stuff and gain some momentum

2014 NFL Playoff Overview: Tom Brady Sucks & Cowboys Finally Have A Defense

The NFL season is finally (sadly) over. Week 17 showed us a lot about a lot of teams, and it also helped us identify which teams stand a chance in the playoffs this season.

Five Exciting Things With NFL Season Wrapping Up

We head into Thursday night’s game between the Rams and Cardinals with only three weeks left in the regular season. Time flies when you are having a ball, especially when it’s of the pigskin variety.

Ready For Another Peyton Manning Vs Tom Brady Playoff Matchup? It’s Coming

After a slow start that had folks talking about Tom Brady as if he were one nail short of being in a football coffin, the Patriots have looked unstoppable on offense.

NFL Expanded Playoffs Will Happen For Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell is bound and determined that the NFL playoffs need expanding, and make no mistake, it is going to happen. The extra money that will be generated from two extra playoff games is just too tempting for the commissioner and the owners.

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