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Wrist Watching Back in Style?

Before cellphones, the best way to tell time was to look at our wrists. It was a time when most people strutted around with a wristwatch. The more stylish, more colorful, the better with many professionals hoping to score a Rolex someday.

Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch: Who Will Win Watch Wars?

The wearable tech market is no doubt still in its infancy with several companies grappling for the top position whilst also trying to figure out the real benefit that wearable tech is going to bring to the consumer and thus how to position themselves and their products accordingly.

Microsoft Band Beats Apple Watch To Marketplace

Microsoft has recently ramped up attempting to be a tech leader in the marketplace, and they seem to be aiming their arrow right at the monster tech company Apple. They've increased production along with their distribution apparatus for their Microsoft Band to beat the Apple Watch to the marketplace.

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