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Tags Melvin Upton Jr

Tag: Melvin Upton Jr

Melvin Upton Jr struggling as a Toronto Blue Jay

When the Toronto Blue Jays went out and acquired Melvin Upton Jr. in late July, no one really thought that they were going to get offensive production out of him.

Melvin Upton Jr. acquired – More Toronto Blue Jays trades coming

The San Diego Padres are currently in Toronto for interleague play in Major League Baseball. Not only did the Blue Jays win the first game of their series, but Toronto also plundered the Padres outfield.

Most Overrated National League Baseball Players 2015

The question many baseball fans like to ask before each season is which players are the most overrated players in the game. The 2015 MLB season will be no different, as we will take a look at the most overrated players in the National League

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