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Tags Kawhi Leonard

Tag: Kawhi Leonard

Pau Gason continues defending Kawhi Leonard to Spurs fans

Paul Gason has continued to defend Kawhi Leonard to San Antonio Spurs fans who find him an easy target to blame the team's rough NBA season.

Anthony Davis Loses $24 Million from All-NBA Snub and Steph Curry Unanimous

The NBA released its All-NBA teams Thursday, so it’s time for everyone to argue about the roster of a team that won’t actually play a game. In reality, there were no real surprises on the list, but quite a few interesting snubs.

Kawhi Leonard keeps it humble with second NBA Defensive Player award

When you've got the Johnny Manziel's of the world out there making professional athletes look like a stereotype, it's great to have those that are better role models receiving the praise they deserve, even if they are humble about it. Kawhi Leonard has won his second consecutive NBA Defensive Players of the Year award

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