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Ryan Reynolds talks Coen Brothers and the ‘Green Lantern’ effect

After the success of 'Deadpool,' it's easy to forget that it wasn't long ago that Ryan Reynolds was on the 'unhireable' aka washed up list, but he shares his downfalls and rebounds with Taraji P. Henson in a rather revealing interview.

What if the DC’s Lantern Corps Were Power Rangers?

Geoff Johns really revolutionized the Green Lantern and DCs cosmic mythologies with his various lantern corps idea which culminated in the Blackest Night saga. If only the Green Lantern film didn't suck with most audiences

Where Some Modern Superhero Movies Failed

According to several websites whose representatives have had the immense pleasure of watching Captain America: Civil War, the movie was awesome. I’ll be providing my own review of the film in the days to come. They have trouble comparing the film to Captain America: Winter Soldier

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