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Tags Glory Johnson

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Glory Johnson Goes Anne Heche Route, 50 Cent Confused & Donald Trump Blowback

WNBA player Glory Jonson seems to be taking a page from Anne Heche's book when she ended it with Ellen Degeneres, 50 Cent is confused about being 'outed' by Viviva A. Fox and Donald Trump rants gets some Republican blowback.

No Glory, Gene Simmons Child Porn Raid & Dr Dre Sorry for the Hits

Glory Johnson gets no support from Brittany Grier, Tamar Braxton feels the IRS heat, Gene Simmons' house gets raided and Dr. Dre apologizes many years too late.

WNBA’s Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson Quickie & More Police Force in Texas

I really hope you enjoy Mondays as much as I do, although the reality of life can hit you as another police man, in McKinney Texas this time, is being accused of excessive force on a group of black people.

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