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Google ICE free zone demand, Virgin Galactic reveal plus Amazon Rekognition problem

Google employees want ICE out of their business, Virgin Galactic reveals interiors and Amazon facial Rekognition reveals flaws for ACLU.

Walmart revving up for Amazon, Zuckerberg step down, Colorado campus uproar

Walmart lost one chief technology officer to Pinterest, they've more than made up for that by hiring former Amazon, Microsoft and Google techie Suresh...

Qualcomm antitrust slap plus Amazon moves ahead with face recognition

Will Qualcomm's antitrust violations change the smartphone industry plus Amazon fights back against face recognition protests.

Will San Francisco lead the facial recognition technology ban?

San Francisco may be a tech-friendly city, they are voicing opposition to government run facial technology.

Facial Recognition AI Becoming a Black and White Issue

Facial recognition is growing in popularity, but some glitches in identifying black skin is causing an issue for Microsoft and IBM.

Apple’s facial recognition: What you need to know about face id

Apple is taking on the rise of hackers with a new facial recognition system to debut with the iPhone X, but what exactly does it do, and will it keep your safer on your devices?

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