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Tags Eric Bana

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Eric Bana talks ‘Dirty John,’ bad guys and getting into a psychopath’s mindset

Eric Bana will be hitting the small screen in Bravo's Dirty John with Connie Britton, and the actor spoke with us about playing bad guys like Chopper and Star Trek's Nero along with getting into the psychopath mindset.

Ten Superheroes and Their Definitive Actors

We all have our favorite superheroes that have appeared on both TV and cinema and asked if they were real, we’d identify them with a face and it would be that of the actor that portrayed them.

Where Some Modern Superhero Movies Failed

According to several websites whose representatives have had the immense pleasure of watching Captain America: Civil War, the movie was awesome. I’ll be providing my own review of the film in the days to come. They have trouble comparing the film to Captain America: Winter Soldier

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