Sonja Bennett talks why once is never enough on ‘Supernatural’

sonja bennett talks why once is never enough on supernatural 2016 images

Sonja Bennett talks why once is never enough on 'Supernatural' 2016 images

Sonja Bennett is one of those Supernatural guest stars that have appeared in the show, many years apart. In Sonja’s case, the gap was a decade – in which time a lot has happened, both in Sonja’s life and in the show.

You played two different characters – Pamela Clayton, in Season 2, in 2006; and Deputy Jan Harris, in Season 11, in 2016 (one of my favorite episodes in Season 11) … what was it like coming back to Supernatural after 10 years?

When I was shooting Supernatural in 2006, I was an aspiring actress, with a cute new boyfriend and a cat.  When I started shooting my Season 11 episode, I realized I was now an industry veteran, married to that boyfriend with two children. A lot of life happens in a decade!

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Don’t Call Me Shurley is one of the most emotional episodes in Season 11 (IMHO); what was it like on set?

Jared and Jensen are the most kind, inclusive, and professional people in the world.  It’s a very warm, playful, and well-oiled set.

It was fun to see how everyone’s lives had changed after a decade. It was fun to hear how Jared and Jensen are both married with children now too.  At least we are all getting older at the same rate!

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Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

My character, Deputy Jan Harris, is a newlywed.  There is an emotional scene where I realize I have murdered my new husband after succumbing to a rabid infection unleashed by Amara’s fog.  I turn my gun on Jared and Jensen but then am shot by Sheriff McCready.

I was very nervous to shoot the scene. I had to both be in a very emotional place and react to the squibs that squirt blood from the gunshots wounds. I knew that re-squibbing me, changing my costume, and cleaning up all the blood would be a lot of work.  But also that it was an important little scene that I was sure they’d want some options on.

I did it once. Director (Robert Singer) comes up to me after and just says, “Well, this isn’t your first rodeo.” Then smiled and called lunch as he walked away.

These guys don’t mess around. If they get what they want – they move on. Have fun and get ‘er done!

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What do you enjoy most about acting?

I’m an introvert, and it’s getting worse as I get older lol.

When I’m on set I’m forced out of my shell both when the camera is rolling and when it’s not. To meet people, to be curious, to connect. I’m always so glad when I do.

Any upcoming/current projects you can share?

I just created, produced, and star in a comedic web series about a community centre called Sunnyhearts CC.  Please check out the trailer on youtube (which happens to be just above). The series premieres on December 5th!