Some of the best movie marathons to watch right now

best movie marathons to watch during covid 19 2020

Most of the world is in lockdown at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic. With many businesses being able to continue their operations by having their employees work from home, many people have now got a lot of unexpected time on their hands, with no idea what to do with it. As stepping outdoors is out of the question, there have to be other ways found to pass the time, and one of the most commonly-sought solutions for boredom during this time has been to fire up one of the many streaming services available and settle down for a binge-watching session.

In that spirit, there are quite a few movie series which are ripe for a marathon session. To make it even more fun, these movie marathons can be done over a Zoom call or a Netflix Party watch with family and friends, making them more fun and immersive. So, here are some of the best movie marathons to sink yourself into during this time –

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney Plus

Why not start off with one of the biggest movie franchises ever, with 23 movies having been released under the Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrella? The journey which began with ‘Iron Man’, all the way back in 2008, came to an epic conclusion with ‘Avengers: Endgame” last year, and introduced the world to the now-iconic characters of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel, among many others. While we wait for the next phase of the MCU to kick off with the Black Widow movie later this year, it is now the best time to revisit this mega-movie universe and look back at the cinematic journey undertaken by some of these characters over the course of a decade and more. Be warned though, even with 20 of the 23 movies being available on Disney Plus (the Hulk movie and both Spider-Man flicks are not on the streaming service), the total runtime clocks in at just under 44 hours!

The Star Wars Saga, Disney Plus

Another of the epic movie properties owned by Disney, the Star Wars saga has been one of the most famous movie franchises of all time. Its impact on popular culture is undeniable, and if you are one of those who has not yet seen any of these movies, now is the best time, with Disney Plus having all twelve movies, including the ‘Rogue One’ and ‘Solo’ spinoffs, and the three trilogies that make up the ‘Skywalker Saga’, which came to an apparent close with ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’, last year.

The James Bond series, Amazon Prime

Even though this collection is incomplete, with Amazon Prime having 20 of the 26 official Bond movies, it is never a bad time to revisit the exploits of the world’s favorite secret agent. There is no need to even watch these movies in any particular order, as they all do well as standalone films. However, some of the most famous of the Bond films are missing from the streaming service, with the 1967 original ‘Casino Royale’ being one of them, as well as the entire series of Daniel Craig’s run as 007, including his debut, which was the 2006 remake (of sorts) of ‘Casino Royale’. ‘Casino Royale’ has rightfully become one of the most famous Bond movies, and also one of the most notable ones to feature gambling as its main plot point, with the likes of roulette, poker, and real money slots all playing a big role in the movie. Nevertheless, with classics such as ‘Die Another Day’, ‘Goldfinger,’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ all available, it is still quite the haul for Bond fans to get their viewing pleasure from.

Indiana Jones, Netflix

Harrison Ford has played some iconic characters in his lifetime, with Star Wars’ Han Solo being one, but his turn as Dr. Henry Walton ‘Indiana’ Jones, an archaeologist with a penchant for getting into unbelievable adventures, is arguably one of the most iconic roles in Hollywood history. Interestingly, the Indiana Jones series was also created by George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and all four movies are available on Netflix. This is an excellent time to catch up on the original trilogy, even if the fourth movie wasn’t quite as good, with a fifth movie in the work and scheduled for release in 2022.