Scott Disick’s Way Back To Kourtney & Kylie Jenner’s Growing Influence

scott disick working way back to kourtney kardashian 2015 gossip

scott disick working way back to kourtney kardashian 2015 gossip

While Scott Disick continues to go through treatment at a Malibu rehabilitation facility, he is already gearing up to return to “work.” Scott, who has struggled with substance and alcohol abuse for several years, admitted himself into rehab for the fourth time to try and nix his unhealthy habits.

Despite his decision to change his ways, he continues to plan nightclub appearances, which ultimately might hinder his progress. On Wednesday, Scott posted a promotional advertisement to his Instagram page. In the post, Scott hypes his upcoming New Year’s Eve appearance at 1Oak nightclub in Las Vegas. Along with the image, Scott captioned, “Vegas I’m Back [1Oak Las Vegas] for #NYE2016!”

Scott Disick, Instagram post:

scott disick working again drinking sucking off 2015 gossipMost reports claim that it was his partying and reckless behaviors that lead to Kourtney Kardashian’s decision to end things with him. Therefore, it is surprising to see him getting back into it, as it is speculated that he is currently trying to win Kourtney and his family back. Photographs of Scott and Kourtney going out for lunch on Wednesday further fueled this speculation. The two were seen casually strolling around Calabasas, after they had lunch at Marmalade Café.

In addition, a source told E! News earlier this week that, “Scott has made an effort to cut bad influences out of his life. He knows a lot of people were using him. At the time, he didn’t really care because he was caught up in all the partying, but he’s finally realized the party has to stop. He’s focusing on a tighter, more loyal circle of friends – the people who were there for him before all the money and fame.”

However, it seems that Scott isn’t quite practicing what he is preaching.

kylie jenners growing influence 2015 gossipSpeaking of Kardashians, it looks like Kylie Jenner’s influence isn’t just over her fan base, as it also having its effect on fellow celebrities. Early on Thursday, Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak’s 18-year-old daughter revealed to Instagram that she opted for some surgical enhancements.

Brielle Zolciak posted a video to her Instagram page that showing and explaining that she got lip fillers from the same Beverly Hills plastic surgeon that Kylie goes to. In the video, fans can see as Brielle gets her fillers injected. Alongside the video she writes, “Thank you thank you thank you!!! To my favorite, [Simon Ourian]! My lips are my biggest insecurity and I’m so happy w my results now.” She goes on to sing the Doctor’s praises, stating, “You truly are the best! Even though I hate needles you made this very easy! Thank you again.”

Brielle Zolciak, Instagram video:

thank you thank you thank you!!! to my favorite, @simonourianmd1 !!! my lips are my biggest insecurity and I'm so happy w my results now! ☺️ you truly are the best! even though I hate needles you made this very easy! thank you again #simonourian #epione

A video posted by brielle zolciak (@briellebiermann) on

Although it took a while, Kylie finally admitted to getting lip fillers back in September. In an interview with The New York Times, Kylie revealed that she got Juvederm for her lips and that she opted for Dr. Ourian, as he is takes a “super natural” approach to the procedure.

Kylie went on to give advice to others, saying, “I would recommend that anyone who gets it done go for a filler that lasts only two to four months. It’s annoying to keep going back, but you have the option of stopping it.”

Hopefully, this doesn’t become a widespread thing, as 18-years-old is awfully young to be getting any form of plastic surgery done – whether it be temporary or not!

One influence Kylie doesn’t seem to have is over Tyga, who is moving out of her house as the two have decided they need more personal space. He’s now living in the Hollywood Hills where he can let loose and do the things that Kylie isn’t so much into. Oddly, the two are realizing that for their individual brands to work, it would be better for them to be single. Kylie’s learned so much from Kris Jenner.