‘Real Housewives of New York City’ 809 December Berkshires County aka Slaughter Party

'Real Housewives of New York City' 809 December Berkshires County aka Slaughter Party 2016 images

'Real Housewives of New York City' 809 December Berkshires County aka Slaughter Party 2016 images

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City, “December: Berkshires County” is the continuation of the housewives trip to Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires. Despite Dorinda’s best effort to have a nice girls weekend, things get even more heated between Bethenny and Lu Ann.

The episode kicks off right where the last one ended off – with Lu Ann and Bethenny going at it. Bethenny goes on a full-blown rampage, as she is evidently ticked off that Lu Ann is telling people she was partially responsible for coming up with the idea behind her company “Skinny Girl.” Somehow, Lu Ann’s new man Tom gets thrown into the drama. Bethenny proceeds to slam Lu Ann for starting a relationship with a guy who Ramona had been on multiple dates with. Lu Ann states that Ramona only went on one date with him. However, Ramona clarifies and tells her that she went on at least half a dozen dates with Tom. Ramona further involves herself in the catfight, as she tells Lu Ann that it was against the “Girl Code” for her not to ask her about Tom before pursuing him. While this yelling match is going on, Carole makes her way through the door. In confessional, Carole admits that she thought Bethenny was fighting with a man (specifically Dorinda’s boyfriend John). However, she quickly realized it was just “Lu Man” arguing with her.

Right away, Carole feels overwhelmed with all the yelling and drama. She pulls Dorinda to the side and confesses, “I wouldn’t have come if I had known Lu Ann was coming…” Oddly enough, Carole seemed to have completely forgotten that Dorinda straight up told her Lu Ann was coming at their last get together. Nonetheless, Carole agrees to go with the flow and stick it out for Dorinda’s sake.

The Bethenny vs. Lu Ann match continues, as Lu Ann decides to take aim at Bethenny’s hair. She points out that Bethenny’s new hair ‘do looks awfully similar to her own. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make for too effective of an insult, as Bethenny literally turns the whole thing into a joke.

During all of the fighting, Jules is busy talking on the phone with the hospital. Her father is currently battling pneumonia and Jules explains that he sounds very disoriented.

Probably one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the season thus far comes when Lu Ann finally decides to get some fresh air and sits down next to Jules on the front porch. Evidently upset, Jules tries to explain the situation that is going on with her father. However, Lu Ann barely lets her get a word in, as she goes off on a rant about how mean Bethenny is. In confessional, a frustrated Jules pretends to address Lu Ann saying, “Ok Lu Ann [Bethenny] called you a slut. I am dealing with real life here. My dad is sick, and he doesn’t sound well. This is real life.” As bland as Jules has been throughout this season, you can’t help but root for her after she somehow maintained her composure while being bombarded by Lu Ann’s mindless complaining.

Eventually, Lu Ann goes back inside and talks with Ramona in the kitchen.  While there, Lu Ann notices the birthday cake that Dorinda’s mom had made for her (which she gives Dorinda every year). Lu Ann points it out to Ramona and passively notes that Dorinda claimed this weekend getaway wasn’t a birthday celebration for her. She goes on to express skepticism to why Dorinda would intentionally place a birthday cake for herself in plain sight. Dorinda catches wind of Lu Ann’s remarks and is completely set off. She tries to explain that the cake is simply a family tradition and was not intended to imply that she was making the weekend all about her birthday. Unfortunately, Lu Ann doesn’t quite acknowledge her offensive comments and Dorinda’s frustration continues to boil over. She yells at all of her guests, “if you don’t like my food and decorations then go home. You all have my permission to go home. I wanted to have a nice weekend, and this has ruined it.”

Seeing Dorinda so upset, especially after she put so much effort into creating a fun weekend for everyone, prompts the other ladies to get there act together (sort of). Jules gets them all to open some of the presents, and they all put on a bit of a show to calm Dorinda down.

real housewives of new york city berkshires countess fight

Later in the evening, Ramona and Lu Ann begin discussing the tension between Lu Ann and Carole. Ramona asks Lu Ann if she has ever apologized for calling Carole a pedophile (which happened shortly after Carole started dating a notably younger man). While this conversation is going on, Carole decides to eaves drop by hiding in a nearby closet. Ramona ends up convincing Lu Ann to send Carole an apology message over text. Afterwards, Lu Ann tries to strike up a conversation with Ramona about her dating life. However, Ramona claims she is going the Bethenny-route and keeping quiet when it comes to her love life with Lu Ann. Ramona then tries to explain why Bethenny is so upset with her, going on to note that Bethenny was really ticked off that Lu had claimed to be partially responsible for her company. Lu Ann flat-out denies that she ever said she was responsible for helping come up with Bethenny’s business concept. Ramona is completely dumfounded, as Lu Ann made it pretty clear that she believed she did earlier in the day. Once again, Ramona ends up convincing Lu Ann to apologize – this time to Bethenny.real housewives of new york city 809 countess

Bethenny and Carole are seen hanging out upstairs. Inevitably, they both are busy bashing Lu Ann, while comparing the apology texts that she had just sent them. They both agree that Lu Ann is “not to be trusted.”


The last scene of the episode features Lu Ann and Dorinda talking in the kitchen. Lu Ann tries to grasp some understanding of why Bethenny went off on her earlier. She tells Dorinda that she thinks that Bethenny is just trying to cause conflict with all of her friends (using Sonja as an example). Unfortunately, Bethenny walks in on the conversation and sarcastically asks Lu, “was this part of the apology text you just sent me?”

Evidently, viewers are in for yet another Bethenny vs. Lu Ann screaming match.

You can catch Real Housewives of New York City when it returns next Wednesday, June 8 on Bravo.