‘Real Housewives of New York City’ 807 Airing that Dirty Laundry for Bethenny vs Sonja

real housewives of new york city 807 airing that dirty laundry for bethenny vs sonja 2016 images

real housewives of new york city 807 airing that dirty laundry for bethenny vs sonja 2016 images

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City, “Airing Your Dirty Laundry,” Sonja finally finds out what Bethenny Frankel really thinks about her new business venture. Meanwhile, Dorinda tries to mend her relationship with Ramona.

The episode opens with Lu Ann arriving at Sonja’s apartment, where she is staying for the next little while. Almost immediately Lu Ann asks Sonja about the alcohol line that she is launching, which is titled “Tipsy Girl.”  Lu Ann points out that the name is awfully similar to Bethenny’s multimillion-dollar brand “Skinny Girl” – which also sells various types of alcoholic beverages. Sonja disagrees and tells Lu Ann that she thinks Bethenny will be supportive – and even act as a mentor – as she dives into her new business.

Meanwhile, Bethenny goes to meet up with Ramona and Carole for lunch. Before even talking with the ladies, Bethenny admits in confessional that she has been distracted by all of the press that has been surrounding Sonja’s infringement on her company’s name. At lunch Bethenny blatantly tells the other women, “I am really upset because her choosing [“Tipsy Girl”] is like a rip off of my company name.” Both Carole and Ramona agree, as they also express concern over Sonja’s betrayal.

Soon after, Ramona meets up with Dorinda for a casual brunch. Over the past few episodes, the two ladies have had some issues between them. Mainly stemming from Ramona’s disdain for Dorinda’s boyfriend of three years, John. At lunch, Dorinda opens up to Ramona about her feelings of insecurity when she is around Ramona with John. She goes on to ask her to be more accepting and open to John, as she really cares about him. Ramona agrees to try to be more civil with John and realize that Dorinda has chosen to have him in her life.

Over on the other side of town, Bethenny hesitantly allows Sonja to drop by her office apartment to discuss the whole “Tipsy Girl”/”Skinny Girl” situation. Right off the bat, Bethenny calls out Sonja for getting into business with shady partners – in particular, a man named Peter who previously showed to be an unreliable business partner when working with Ramona. Sonja denies Beth’s claim and tells her that Peter has already gotten the “Tipsy Girl” beverage set up with multiple distributors (however, she fails in naming any of them).

Sonja tries to explain to Bethenny that she is not trying to infringe on her territory – rather she looks up to Bethenny as a mentor. She tells her, “You are my mentor, and I look up to you.” Unfortunately, Bethenny doesn’t feel the same way, as she responds “I brought you into my world and into my business summit (shown in the last season of RHONY), and this is what you want to do. I want nothing to do with you.” She goes on to exclaim, “I think you are a fraud, and no one believes any of it.” Sonja gets emotional, as she reminds Bethenny that she is still trying to get back on her feet after filing for bankruptcy. Nonetheless, Bethenny continues to express her anger and frustration, as she sends Sonja on her way.

real housewives of new york city dirty laundry talks

Towards the end of the episode, several of the ladies gather at an event that Dorinda and John throw in honor of a local designer (that John is in business with). Here, Lu Ann and Sonja discuss Sonja’s previous meeting with Bethenny. Sonja recounts how upset Bethenny way with the whole “Tipsy Girl” thing. Lu Ann tells Sonja, “[Bethenny] is like one of those toys that you wind up too tight and then can’t unwind.”

Shortly after, Lu Ann ends up running into one of her exes named Rey. According to “The Countess” she and Rey ended their relationship on a notably bad note, and therefore she decides to ditch the party in order to avoid him.

Ramona, who met Rey when Lu Ann was dating him last summer, begins talking to him. Unfortunately, Rey is incredibly drunk and decides to start blabbing about his experience dating Lu Ann. Sonja and Ramona try to keep a casual conversation with him. However, he continues to make a scene – which prompts John to come over. John confronts Rey and tells him to come outside with him. However, Ramona interjects and tells John to leave Rey alone. John proceeds to force them out of the event.

Immediately after, Dorinda runs outside and expresses her outrage towards Rey and subsequently Ramona. After chasing Rey out of the event, Dorinda lets loose on Ramona, telling her how unacceptable her behavior was. Ramona repeatedly claims that she had no idea what was going on. Unfortunately, Dorinda blocks out Ramona’s pleas of innocence and angrily storms into a cab – leaving her own party early.

So just as it seems that the cast members are making some headway in mending their rocky relationships, they all take a huge step backward.

You can catch more Real Housewives of New York City next Wednesday, May 25 on Bravo.

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