‘Real Housewives of New York City’ 506 Sonja learns Bethenny Frankel’s Tipsying Point

real housewives of new york 506 tipsying point shows sonja bethenny frankels tipping point 2016 images

real housewives of new york 506 tipsying point shows sonja bethenny frankels tipping point 2016 images

The ladies of New York were back at it on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City, “Tipsying Point.” Carole decides to host a psychic session with the other women and of course drama ensues. In addition, Sonja invites everyone together to celebrate her birthday.

The episode opens up with the soon-to-be birthday girl pampering herself by getting her weekly facial. In confessional she admits, “I may be frugal, but I am not skimping on my weekly facials – especially with my birthday coming up.” During this scene, Sonja also discusses whom she invited to her upcoming birthday celebration. She reveals that Carole has already informed her she cannot make it. Fortunately, most of the other cast members have RSVP’d.

On the other side of town, Carole invites several of the women over for an impromptu psychic session. Dorinda, Jules and Bethenny are the first to arrive and seem fairly excited about their impending spiritual experiences.

real housewives of new york 506 psychic session 2016

First, the reader (Kim Russo of “The Haunting of…” fame) tells Jules that she is on the right path to finding her true purpose in life. This prompts Jules to get emotional in confessional, as she says she is finally talking publicly about her battle with an eating disorder. Shortly after, the reader turns to Dorinda and says that she senses someone named John. Dorinda plays coy, as she lists the John’s in her life (including her father and grandpa). The interaction between Dorinda and the reader then transitions to being about Dorinda’s late husband, Richard. The reader says to her, “he tells me he sends you the coins.” Afterward, the reader also tells Dorinda what Richard supposedly thinks of her current boyfriend John, stating, “he says [John is] ok for now, but he won’t provide that safety you need.” Dorinda asks the psychic if she is going to get married again, to which she responds that she will – but not to John. Inevitably, Ramona blurts out “Thank God,” which of course gets Dorinda enraged. Dorinda tells Ramona, “Don’t do that. John doesn’t like you either.” Meanwhile, Bethenny makes a quick exit. In the end, Ramona ends up apologizing to Dorinda for blurting out yet another snide remark about John (for the millionth time).

The next day Carole goes over to Jules’ house to talk about the psychic session. Here, Jules opens up about why she got emotional when the reader told her she was on the right path. Jules tells Carole about her eating disorder and admits in confessional, “I feel comfortable with Carole because she seems really genuine and nice. She is also a skinny girl.”

Meanwhile, Dorinda and John go out for dinner, and things quickly get tense. John once again pleads for Dorinda to be affectionate with him while out in public, which she has repeatedly told him she isn’t comfortable doing. He then begins bashing Ramona, which gets Dorinda even more fired up. She ends up leaving abruptly, and John is left to have dinner on his own.

Preparing for her party, Sonja admits that she is hoping that Bethenny comes out as she has another business venture she is excited about. Sonja explains, “I don’t feel like throwing a birthday party for myself, but this will give me a chance to introduce my latest business venture.”

The day of the party finally arrives, and Sonja makes sure there are lots of food and alcoholic drinks for all her guests. Jules is one of the first to arrive and is right away targeted by numerous people telling her to eat. In confessional Jules exclaims, “I am going to be hungry soon,” seeming rather frustrated by the constant hassling.

Later in the night Ramona is seen gossiping away to Jules, Dorinda and Sonja about how Lu Ann was re-gifting a present. Ramona explains that she initially had an allergic reaction to a necklace Lu Ann had given her. Lu Ann then went and got the necklace altered and gifted it back to her two months later for her birthday. Sonja is notably unimpressed with her story, as she can’t help but notice that Ramona didn’t even bring her a birthday present.

Conveniently enough, Lu Ann strolls into the party and right away pulls Ramona aside. However, instead of talking about the re-gifting story, Lu Ann puts Ramona on the spot for telling Sonja that she is a bad influence. Ramona explains that she doesn’t like the idea of the two of them living together, as they are going to end up running a “brothel” based on their drinking and partying habits. Immediately, Lu Ann fires back telling Ramona that she is “full of s***”and is just as bad an influence herself.

In the midst of all the drama, Sonja someone manages to get the attention of all her guests to make a big announcement. She explains to her guests, “things are about to turn around again. I want to announce we are going to be passing around trays of my new Prosecco.” She goes on to reveal that the newly released beverage is called, “Tipsy Girl.” Jules notes that she thinks Bethenny (who is not at the party) will be mad due to the similarity of Sonja’s new business’ name and her own business, “Skinny Girl.”

We will just have to see if Jules is right next week…

You can catch more Real Housewives of New York City when it returns next Wednesday, May 18 on Bravo.

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