Rat King’s Daughter Monster Dolls Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Toys

mousecedes rat king doll review 2015 hottest toys

Straight from the upper echelons of Boo York royalty, the daughter of the Rat King is here to make her presence felt. Yes, the Mouscedes King is joining the ranks of the much loved Monster High dolls!

How Much?

You can get your own Mouscedes King Monster High Doll for only $19.99.

Who Would Buy The Rat Kings Daughter Monster Dolls?

Fans of the Monster High franchise, especially those who make it a point to collect every doll there is, will surely rejoice at having the Rat King’s daughter included in the list. Come to think of it, anyone – even those who don’t know a thing about Monster High and its characters – will be interested with this doll. It’s perfect as a present to little girls as well.

rat king daughter mousecedes images 2015Things We Like About The Rat Kings Daughter Monster Dolls

The doll itself is an exact replica of the character, from the skin tone to the hair color and even down to its fierce fashion style. She has her trademark mouse ears, tufted fur, and tail, and finished off with a colorful outfit and a matching tiara to cement her fashionista status!

Have fun playing dress up with the Mouscedes King doll. Experiment with the accessories and give her a look that befits the Boo York and Upper East Side royalty that she is.

The Mouscedes King doll also comes with its own doll stand, and a doll hairbrush to manage those pink tresses. There is also a diary which contains information on the character.

Things We Did Not Like About The Rat Kings Daughter Monster Dolls

Unfortunately, the Mouscedes King Monster Doll cannot stand by itself, which explains the doll stand that comes with it. It would have been better if it can also hold its own weight, so to speak.


Mattel has long established itself as a company that has high quality control, so you can be sure that the Rat Kings Daughter Monster Dolls are of excellent quality. The usual warranty terms provided by Mattel will also apply.

Is The Rat Kings Daughter Monster Dolls Worth The Money?

If you are a Monster High fan, or a doll collector, you will not bat an eyelash when purchasing the Mouscedes King doll. At $19.99, it truly is a great buy.

Where Can I Buy The Rat Kings Daughter Monster Dolls?

Aside from securing your Monster High Doll directly from Mattel, you may also go to any of the authorized retailers to get your hands on this one. But do not pick just any retailer; choose one that is known for providing reliable service. Amazon fits that description to a T. You are also in for a treat when you purchase your Rat King’s Daughter Monster Doll at a discount, and with free shipping, to boot! Keep your watch here for prices changing through the holidays.

Final Thoughts For The Rat Kings Daughter Monster Dolls

You are in for a monsterrrrific good time if you have the Rat King’s Daughter, Mouscedes King Monster Doll, as one of the dolls in your collection.