‘Paranormal Witness’ 213 Ashes to Ashes Recap

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paranormal witness 413 ashes to ashes 2015 imagesOn the season finale of “Paranormal Witness,” a couple moved into their grandmother’s house with their young daughter. The wife, Amanda, was close to her grandmother and lived down the street from her until her grandmother had a stroke. Afterward, she had to live in a hospice to receive 24/7 care. Chris went to her house to get her favorite blanket.  Grandma’s house was described by Chris as dark and creepy. He felt like he was being followed through the house. When he went into her bedroom, he found her favorite blanket.

Four years after her grandmother passed away Chris and Amanda got married and had Amelia, their daughter. When Amelia was a young child, they started living in Amanda’s grandmother’s house. Chris put a box of paperwork in a closet and hung family pictures of late relatives in the hallway of the house.

One night Amelia was sitting up in bed for no reason. She had a conversation with an unknown being which Amanda and Chris saw on their baby monitor. Chris then heard another voice in the room. He went to make sure the windows in her bedroom were locked. Amanda asked Amelia who her friend was, but she wouldn’t say.

Getting ready for bed one night, Amanda heard a light knock on the bathroom door but tried to brush it off. The knock then got so loud it sounding like pounding. Amanda went to check on Amelia and felt blind but saw no one outside the bathroom door. Then Amanda heard footsteps on the roof, and she thought someone was trying to break in. Amanda called Chris at work and begged him to come home.

When he got home, he went to check outside for intruders. He tried to reassure her no one was around. Amanda said there was something threatening about the house. The next day they had a barbecue in their backyard. Chris saw a figure pass by the kitchen and then disappear. Chris grabbed his loaded gun and felt like someone was on his heels putting a heavy weight on him. He heard a creaking noise in the kitchen and went to investigate. He saw a figure of someone in the house.

That night Chris was back at work, and Amanda was trying to relax and finish the housework. She heard tapping on the window that sounded like fingernails, but nothing was there. She then heard a scratching noise on the outside of the house and the hair on her arms stood up. She said it sounded like the living room door had been slammed shut. All the doors in the house then began making a slamming noise. Then she felt something grip her shoulder, and she knew something paranormal was in the house. She tried to figure out if it had anything to do with her grandmother.

Then they heard glass break, and Chris went to investigate. A picture fell off the wall and landed unnaturally, breaking the glass. Chris’s boss asked what was wrong, and Chris told him what had been happening. When Chris told him, the boss said his wife Lisa was psychic, and she could help them. Lisa went to the house and looked at everything in the house. She felt a pulse in her hand as she walked around the house. Amanda told Lisa it was her grandmother’s house, which Lisa already suspected. Lisa went into Amelia’s room and pointed out the spot where the being had appeared that Amelia talked to. She said the paranormal presence was in the room with them. She said the spirit in the room was protecting Amelia. Amanda then heard the spirit speaking, and it was her grandmother.

Lisa then entered the den and got a dark, overwhelming feeling. She heard an aggressive voice screaming and yelling, indicating she was trapped. Lisa said the presence in that room meant it contained human remains in a box behind the wall. In the closet, they found a box that contained an urn of ashes. That’s when Amanda revealed her grandmother had a twin sister, who was the cremated person in the urn. Amanda said her grandmother’s twin was nasty to her grandmother, and it was upsetting. A great aunt of Amanda’s had also passed away. Lisa said they had to get rid of the ashes in order to have a happy family. They put the ashes in the garage for the night and later Amanda was watching TV in bed when she heard fingernails tapping on the window. She looked out the window and saw nothing but then realized her dead great aunt was haunting them again. Amanda called Chris at work to tell him. She felt something evil and watched a door shut for no reason. She tried to open the front door, but it was stuck. She heard heavy footsteps on the roof again and then Amelia started crying for her mom, who couldn’t get to her.

Chris came home and freed Amanda so they could rescue Amelia. Chris yelled at the spirits to leave his family alone. Chris and Amanda scattered her ashes at a local casino that she loved to spend time at. After the ashes were scattered Amanda felt a sense of relief.