Olivia Munn feeling ‘Predator’ chill at TIFF

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It’s interesting that Hollywood tradition continues as Olivia Munn stepped up to report a registered sex offender in the cast of “Predator,” but the rest of the cast doesn’t seem so happy with this. Yes, some still worry that the taint of this news will keep people from seeing the film even though Twentieth Century Fox immediately stepped up to the plate and deleted the scenes.

These offenders have been allowed to run rampant in Hollywood as long as there’s money to be made or they are friends with the ‘right’ people. We say bravo to Olivia Munn for stepping up and reporting him.

Actress Olivia Munn says she has found little support from some of her “Predator” co-stars and director after a Los Angeles Times report revealed that Twentieth Century Fox had removed a scene that featured a man who is a registered sex offender. Munn alerted the studio to Steven Wilder Striegel’s status, and the scene was cut within 24 hours.

In a round of press at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, Munn described feeling lonely and isolated in the wake of the report.

“It’s a very lonely feeling to be sitting here by myself when I should be sitting here with the rest of the cast,” Munn told media outlets. “I do feel like I’ve been treated by some people that I’m the one who went to jail or I’m the one that put this guy on set.”

Some of her cast mates also backed out of interviews with her, according to The Hollywood Reporter. One of her co-stars, Keegan-Michael Key, was never booked to do that interview as he departed the festival early for the Jewish new year holiday. His publicist says Sunday that he reached out to Munn privately last week to express his admiration for her.

Munn said that she’s not heard from director Shane Black since the scene was deleted.

“I haven’t heard from Shane. I did see his apology … I would have appreciated it more if it was directed toward me privately before it went public and I had to see it online with everyone else,” she said. “It’s honestly disheartening to have to fight for something so hard that is just so obvious to me.”

Munn continued: “It’s amazing how many people expect you to put the movie first, especially if you’re the lead. On something like this – where a child has been hurt – my silence will never be for sale. And if it costs me my career they can take it.”

Black has frequently cast Striegel in his films, including 2013’s “Iron Man 3” and 2016’s “The Nice Guys.”

Munn stars in the film alongside Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes and Thomas Jane, in addition to “This Is Us” star Brown, “Room” breakout Tremblay and Key.

steven wilder striegel registered sex offender for twentieth century fox

Just hours before the premiere of “The Predator” at the Toronto International Film Festival, Twentieth Century Fox said it removed a scene from the film with actor Steven Wilder Striegel after learning he is a registered sex offender.

A spokesperson for Fox on Thursday said Striegel’s single scene in the film was promptly cut after the studio learned of Striegel’s background. Fox said it didn’t know of the actor’s history because of legal limitations on running background checks on actors.

“Our studio was not aware of Mr. Striegel’s background when he was hired,” said the spokesperson. “Several weeks ago, when the studio learned the details, his one scene in the film was removed within 24 hours.”

Shane Black, director of the fourth installment in the sci-fi action franchise, has long been a friend of Striegel’s and has frequently cast him in his films.

Black said in a statement, “Having read this morning’s news reports, it has sadly become clear to me that I was misled by a friend I really wanted to believe was telling me the truth when he described the circumstances of his conviction. I believe strongly in giving people second chances — but sometimes you discover that chance is not as warranted as you may have hoped.

“After learning more about the affidavit, transcripts and additional details surrounding Steve Striegel’s sentence, I am deeply disappointed in myself. I apologize to all of those, past and present, I’ve let down by having Steve around them without giving them a voice in the decision.”

The Los Angeles Times first reported the reediting of “The Predator” to remove Striegel. It said that Fox was alerted to Striegel’s background by actress Olivia Munn. Munn stars in the film, and played opposite Striegel in his one scene.

Striegel pleaded guilty in 2010 for attempting to entice a 14-year-old female into a sexual relationship via the internet. He served six months in jail. The former “Melrose Place” actor has previously appeared in Black’s 2013 film “Iron Man 3″ and his 2016 comedy “The Nice Guys.”

Black told The Los Angeles Times: “I personally chose to help a friend. I can understand others might disapprove, as his conviction was on a sensitive charge and not to be taken lightly.”