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Nicole Wallace Off THE VIEW

Nicole Wallace Off THE VIEW

nicole wallace off the view 2015As we reported back in July, Nicole Wallace was on shaky ground with her job at ABC’s problem child “The View,” and after the network tried cutting her job down to occasional contributor next season, she just said no. This lets her say she left the show on her own volition, unlike Rosie Perez. Yes, I know Rosie and everyone at ABC will go to their grave saying Perez left on her own, but as we reported way back in January, this was a push to get her off the show. When Rosie finally does her autobiography in a decade, maybe she’ll fess up and be honest about the whole mess.

Either ABC knew Wallace would quit after they kept trying to get her to take a smaller job, and of course a much tinier salary, or they overplayed their hand. With the ratings  continue to plummet, my people over there have firmly said that the network is “just throwing things at the wall right now to see what fits, and they didn’t feel that Wallace was fitting in.” I’m sure ABC is hoping Candace Cameron Bure being younger will help that demographic along with Netflix producing “Fuller House” which she is in.

Variety is reporting that executive Bill Wolff will be sending out this note to the staff today about her departure next week: “Our friend Nicolle Wallace is going to leave the show at the conclusion of the season. “Having worked with her for most of the last year, you know the warmth, smarts, and professionalism she has brought to the job every day. She will always be a friend of our show, and I know you join me in wishing her only the best.”

The way it went down is that the network asked Wallace about having a downsized role on the show as a co-host, but not on a regular basis. That would have been an easy way for ABC to eventually have phased her out. She turned that down along with being an occasional contributor, because we all know what that means. You’ll be able to see her as a contributor over on MSNBC on “Morning Joe” where she’s there quite often. It doesn’t look like she’ll be serving as a political talking head for ABC any longer either.

Viewers have already been complaining that “The View” has truly lost it’s way and feel more like the red-headed stepchild of ABC’s more popular “Good Morning America,” and there could be a good reason for that. Since “The View” has been put under ABC’s news division, that is exactly where the troubled show is headed. I know, ABC will swear up and down that I’m wrong, but every time they’ve tried to deny my news, it winds up happening months later. Don’t be shocked if Fall 2016 has The View becoming another hour of “Good Morning America” as they slowly evolve it into that next season.

It will be back in September with yet another new co-host panel including Whoopi Goldberg (who was forced to cave in on her support of Bill Cosby after heavy network pressure), Raven-Symone, Michelle Collins, Candace Cameron Bure (the younger conservative viewpoint) and Paula Farris, who is the anchor on “GMA Weekend.” If you hated the revolving chairs this season, get used to it as next season will continue in the same format. Sadly Joy Behar turned down the chance to take one of these positions, but she’s smart enough to know to stay off a disaster. The other sad thing is that Sherri Shepherd, who pulls out her Bible when it’s convenient for her cause then tosses it back down on the floor the rest of the time, will be back as a sub co-host. So if you want to have you and your family lose IQ points, watch “The View” when Sherri’s on.

Molly Sims and Stacy London will also be coming on as sub co-hosts too. Don’t worry, Jenny McCarthy was not asked to return…even as a guest on “The View”


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