‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall cools Rachel down plus Women Tell All highlights

nick viall the bachelor steams up fantasy suites knocking out rachel 2017 images

'The Bachelor' Nick Viall cools Rachel down plus Women Tell All highlights 2017 images

UPDATE: Nick Viall got his Bachelor “Tell All” episode, and you can see why he’s stating in the press he’s glad it’s all over. It was quite the awkward time for Corinne, who’s still beefing with Taylor. All the ladies said they were friends, for the most part, and Liz reminded everyone about sleeping with Nick at Jade & Tanner’s wedding.

Scroll on down to see what the highlights from The Bachelor, The Women Tell All are.

Season 21 of ABC’s The Bachelor is swiftly nearing its end, and with that, viewers were gifted with Nick Viall’s other 2 Fantasy Suite dates this week. On last week’s episode, Nick was seen going on his Fantasy Suite date with finalist Raven. This week, viewers were taken back to Finland, where Nick went on his Fantasy Suite dates with Rachel and Vanessa.

This week’s episode kicked off by closing out Nick and Raven’s special overnight date together. Just as things were left off last last week, Raven and Nick seemed to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. Raven was essentially beaming as she headed back to her hotel room in Lapland, Finland.

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Next, Nick is seen joining his other finalist Rachel on a Finnish ski trip. The duo enjoyed a day of cross-country skiing and ended off at a reindeer sanctuary. Shortly after, the two found a cozy spot in front of a toasty fireplace, where Rachel opened up to the bachelor. Rachel told Nick that, throughout the whole process, she has been “scared” – mainly because she feared “rejection.” Hearing this from Rachel was especially cringe-worthy, as viewers have been aware of Rachel’s inevitable fate for a few weeks now (Spoiler Alert: Rachel was revealed to be next season’s star of The Bachelorette, which means she will not be the last woman standing on this season’s Bachelor).

After their cozy time in front of the fireplace, Nick and Rachel connected even further during the evening portion of their one-on-one date. Over dinner, Nick told Rachel that he was “falling” for her after she gushed, “I’m falling in love with you,” which was yet another cringe-worthy moment (based on what was mentioned in the paragraph above). Following all of this, it was not all too surprising that Rachel ended up accepting an invite from Nick to join him in the Fantasy Suite. To confessional, Rachel confidently professed, “This is exactly the I man I am supposed to be with.” Fast forward to the morning, Rachel admitted to being ready to “seal the deal.”

Next, after finishing up his Fantasy Suite date with Rachel, Nick joined Vanessa for some quality time.  Together, they tried out a Finnish custom, in which they fully immersed themselves into a freezing, icy pool and then hopped into a hot sauna. After doing this a few times, they made their way to a hot tub, where Nick told the confessional that he admired Vanessa’s sense of adventure and that he had “confidence in [his] relationship [with Vanessa].”

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While in the hot tub, Vanessa and Nick discussed their relationship. Vanessa brought up the fact that she is from a very traditional family, which isn’t necessarily how one would describe Nick. Later on, the duo got talking about where they live. Vanessa asked the bachelor if he would be willing to move to Montreal, in which he replied, “I never imagined living in Canada.” While Nick expressed hesitancy towards committing to a move up North, this didn’t stop Vanessa from professing her love to him. She bluntly told Nick, “I love you,” which eventually led to Nick offering her a key to the Fantasy Suite – which she happily accepted.

As Nick and Vanessa are seen waking up in the suite together the next morning, Vanessa is heard saying in a voice-over that Nick is the “person [she] wants to spend the rest of [her] life with.” Despite the fact that Nick didn’t explicitly return the L-word back to her the night before, Vanessa continued to pour out her feelings to the bachelor, as she once again was heard saying “I love you” to Nick the next morning.

This week’s Bachelor installment wrapped up with the second-to-last rose ceremony. Nick, as well as the final three contestants – Raven. Rachel and Vanessa – gathered in a cozy cabin, where Nick was tasked with narrowing down what was left of his batch of hopeful love-seeking contestants to the final two.

Notably emotional, Nick began the ceremony by telling the ladies that he loves them all. However, not long after, he had decided to eliminate Rachel from the competition this week.

Thus, Vanessa and Raven were left to battle it out for Nick Viall’s heart. Told you that Raven would be the winner this season. Below is some top moments of Season 21 of Nick Viall’s shot at The Bachelor.

You can catch The Bachelor finale next Monday, March 13th on ABC.

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The Bachelor The Women Tell All Highlights:

Chris Harrison still mispronounces Nick’s name 
Chris Harrisonhas known Nick for like three years now, and he still doesn’t know how to pronounce his last name. It’s “Vie-all, ” but he says “Vile.” At this point, he’s probably been corrected numerous times and it just never sunk in. He’s gonna say it how he says it.

Crashing viewing parties 
Watching Chris Harrison and the lead drive around the Los Angeles area and crash Bachelorviewing parties is the worst “Tell All” tradition. “This is something I look forward to every season,” Chris Harrison said, and he is the only one. It just doesn’t add up — if Nick showing up is supposed to be a surprise, why did people have balloons that spelled out “NICK?” It’s too much. Obviously someone in the house knows they’re coming. This whole bit just never works for me. This one was made even sillier by the presence of the Backstreet Boys, making their second appearance of the season. That a cappella riff on “emotional intelligence” was funny, though. I hope they really do call their next album that. Also, it was pretty awkward to send Nick to a sorority house. Fox in the hen house. And the girls calling him a good dancer was a subtle plug for Nick’s first post-Bachelor gig on Dancing With the Stars.

Anonymous girls trying to get on Bachelor in Paradise
None of the women who were eliminated on the first night were there (nor Raven and Vanessa, obviously), but everyone else was, and as happens every year, some of the other early eliminated or overshadowed girls aggressively made plays to get some attention. This called “getting your camera time.” A bunch of girls tried to do it at this “Women Tell All,” but the most flagrant swings came from Elizabeth and Lacey, who were eliminated in Week 2. Elizabeth, the marketing manager from Dallas, called Corinne a “slob kebab” and told Taylor that she, too, went to college for psychology and implied that Taylor isn’t a good psychologist. Lacey, the marketing manager from New York, called Nick out for talking about another girl during their one-on-one time during a cocktail party and gave him some unsolicited advice to not talk about one of his kinda girlfriends with another of his kinda girlfriends.

“Unless you’re not feeling anything,” Nick shot back, and everyone was like “oooh, burn!” Lacey asked him if he had “friendzoned” her (Lacey is apparently a sexually frustrated teenage boy), but he obviously didn’t, because they’re not friends. Lacey and Elizabeth will not be on Bachelor in Paradise.

You know who might be? Josephine, Hailey, Jasmine and/or Whitney. The first three have strong personalities, while Whitney seems well-liked by the other women and is very beautiful despite having eight lines all season, including this episode.

Taylor not redeeming herself
Taylor was this season’s Evan. Like The Bachelorette‘s unlikable erectile dysfunction specialist, Taylor was a humorless contestant with an inexplicably bad attitude who was just an ineffectual foil to the season’s villain. You kind of feel sorry for them, because they don’t understand that they’re not coming off well. I genuinely do feel bad for Taylor, because I think this show has been very hard on her. She seems very sensitive.

But unfortunately, she also just doesn’t seem very nice. It’s hard to sympathize with her for Corinne being so nasty to her because she brought a lot of it on herself. Just because she’s quieter than Corinne doesn’t mean she’s not an instigator. I believe that Taylor walked around with her nose in the air. Plus it seems like most of the other women actually like Corinne and are kind of cold on Taylor — and the studio audience DEFINITELY preferred Corinne. When Corinne walked out to get a glass of champagne, she came back to huge cheers. Taylor got no such cheers. Neither of them are people you’d want to be friends with in real life, but at least Corinne is fun. America is #TeamCorn. America gets the Bachelor villain it deserves.

Chris Harrison needs this apology, please
The host was determined to come out of this from an apology from either Taylor or Corinne for their part in the feud. Taylor asked Corinne for an apology, Corinne was never going to apologize, because she’s not someone who apologizes. So it was on Taylor.

Taylor actually had way less to apologize for than Corinne, since Corinne was the one who took the conflict way too far by calling Taylor a bitch like 900 times. But Chris Harrison wasn’t going to end the segment without somebody apologizing for something, so Taylor apologized for saying that she wouldn’t be friends with Corinne outside of the show. Corinne said “thank you” like the princess she is.

And then Jasmine said “Woo, enough of that,” speaking for all of us, and we moved on.

Corinne is still not a good person, though
Whitney was very right when she said Taylor and Corinne are both condescending in their own way. Corinne refused to take any responsibility for her part in the fight, because she’s a child. Taylor is clearly very hurt by the things Corinne said to and especially about her and the damage that Corinne has done to her reputation. But Corinne has no empathy. It’s just me, me, me. “What about you, Taylor?” she says every time Taylor tries to get her to own some part of her behavior.

And the thing about having a panic attack was bull. We all saw that s0-called panic attack. It was after she had Nick lick whipped cream off her chest. She was drunk and exhausted. That’s the thing about Corinne’s “naps” — even if you’re legitimately tired, it’s not really a nap if you pass out drunk.

It was nice that she gave everyone cheese pasta, though.

America rules! Russia sucks! 
Things got very topical during Kristina’s moment in the hot seat. Russophobia is the highest it’s been since the Cold War thanks to Russia’s meddling in American politics, and Kristina, who left a terrible childhood in Russia to come to America for the opportunity to meet Nick Viall, became a symbol of that.

After reliving the time she told her legitimately heartbreaking story — which made me tear up again, just like it did the first time she told it — she reiterated that if she’d stayed in Russia, her life would be in black & white, but in America she’s living in color.

“You truly embody the American Dream,” Chris Harrison told her. “You are the American Dream.”

It was a lot! It felt like an American flag was about to descend from the rafters and kick a Russian flag in the face!

I’m not saying life in Russia is better than life in America. Kristina’s life is clearly vastly better. It just was a weird time and place to get so patriotic. And I’m not sure that the American Dream is being a contestant on The Bachelor.

Nick’s jilted exes calling him out 
Nick was nervous to get in the hot seat, and rightfully so, because the women took him to task.

First there was the aforementioned Lacey, which was awkward in its way. Then there was Kristina, who still felt confused, since nothing was wrong with their relationship when he sent her home. He told her it wasn’t even about her, it was about his other relationships. Then there was Danielle L., who rightfully felt she deserved better than to be sent home on a two-on-one. Nick was basically like “what was I supposed to do?” Dominique made the excellent point that since he’s gone through the same process twice before, she expected he’d be more empathetic.

“I tried my best,” he told her.

There was a whole segment with Rachel at the end, but she was so good that I noted nothing awkward about it. She’s going to make my job hard next season.