MLB Apparel to Make You Stand Out in the Baseball Crowd

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Nothing beats a trip to the ballpark. A day at Yankee Stadium is the best pastime in the world for a large portion of Americans (especially those that live in New York City).

Everyone comes out wearing their favorite pitcher’s jersey or the home run slugger’s t-shirt. The whole crowd blends together in a sea of team colors. It’s a beautiful experience, really.

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But, if the unity isn’t all your thing, and you like to stand out from the crowd, you’ll really need to think outside the box here. There are various ways to get noticed for your team spirit, so consider some of these during your next outing to make yourself stand apart from the crowds.

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Jersey with World Series Patches Ironed On

This is a fantastic idea, especially for New York Yankees fans (because they’ve won so many times). What you can do is buy a Derek Jeter jersey, but then bedazzle it a little bit to make yourself really stand out.

mlb jersey with world series patches

Now, when I say bedazzle, I don’t mean make it all sparkly and shiny. That will turn heads, but most of them will probably make fun of you. What you should do instead is buy all the World Series patches you can for your favorite team (or just the ones that player has won) and iron them on the jersey.

So, Yankees fans can walk around with the logos of the 400,000 World Series Trophies they’ve hoisted all over the jersey. That’s sure to impress a number of fans at the park.

Better yet, wear it to other ballparks to see the reactions you’re bound to set off.

world series championship ring

A World Series Championship Ring

So, I know I said not to go with a shiny jersey because you’ll just get made fun of, but that doesn’t mean that everything sparkling is off limits. The sparkle of some glitter on a jersey might not be impressive to other MLB fans, but a World Series Championship ring sure will be.

Now, if you don’t have the $100,000 to get the diamonds to craft an exact replica, you’re in luck. You can find them online for $20 at the most. A nice wooden display box isn’t much either.

If you wear a real (replica) World Series ring to the next Chicago Cubs game you attend, you’ll be the toast of the town. The shine and appeal of the team’s crown jewel will have compliments flying at you from all angles.

Chicago cubs world series jacket 2017

A World Series Jacket

These jackets are kind of in the same vein as the jersey with the World Series patches. You see, World Series patches are the best way to stand out (at least for those whose teams have won the Commissioner’s Trophy in the past).

Those baseball letterman jackets are beautiful, stylish, and have the added benefit of keeping you warm during those cold night games. Grab one for your Oakland Athletics and then iron on all of the World Series patches your team has brought home. Or get one with a huge Boston Red Sox logo on the back and the patches down the arms.

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These jackets are a great way to stand out while everyone else is fooling around with jerseys.

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Team Batting Helmet

All right, if a jersey isn’t your thing, or you love baseball caps but hate not being unique, try grabbing yourself a full-sized battling helmet for your Los Angeles Angels. You can get one with or without the facemask, although I would highly recommend leaving the mask off if you plan to wear one of these to the park.

These helmets serve a two-fold purpose: they work with a normal baseball hat, keeping the sun out of your eyes and your head at a safe temperature during the hottest days in the stands, and making you really pop out of a crowd at the ballpark. While I’ve seen many people in caps of their favorite teams, I can’t tell you the last time I saw someone in full baseball helmet at the game.

Go big or go home, right?

mlb team logo baseball bats

Team Logo Baseball Bat

So, I’m not sure that they’ll let you bring a baseball bat into the stadium anymore. You know how security is nowadays. But, hey, the tailgate is longer than the game half the times anyway.

The bat may not help you stick out much once you’re inside Wrigley Stadium, but you’ll be the king of your tailgate (or each one you crash for free food). The best part is, this bat will have the logo of your Los Angeles Dodgers right there on the side.

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Play some wiffle ball at the park and hit a home run, or just walk around with it like a cane. Heck, use real baseballs if you’re really rich or have great insurance to cover all the windshields you smash. Who cares? Just show everyone that you’re the biggest fan out there.