Matt Damon supporting Ben Affleck’s dark time & Kanye West loving up Will Ferrell

kanye west loving up will ferrell 2016 gossip

matt damon supporting ben affleck dark time 2016 gossipA few days ago Vanity Fair released an incredibly candid interview with newly single actress Jennifer Garner. This marked the first time that Jennifer really opened up about her very public divorce from Ben Affleck. In the interview, Jennifer revealed some pretty juicy details about her marriage’s demise, including some claims that seemed to imply that there is some truth behind the whole #NannyGate scandal (in which Ben was accused of cheating on Jennifer with their former nanny).

And while Jennifer glowed on the front cover of the magazine, Ben wasn’t looking all too cover-worthy while out at a pre-Oscars party.  On Friday Ben was spotted at talent agency William Morris Endeavor’s pre-2016 Oscars bash. Unfortunately, he looked pretty down in the dumps, which lead many to speculate that he is upset over what Jen had to say about him and their divorce in Vanity Fair. A source that attended the party revealed that Ben had a real bonding moment with friend and fellow actor Matt Damon, who has been supporting him throughout his split. The source explained, “[Matt and Ben] were very engaged with each other and looked very happy to be hanging out like old friends that didn’t skip a beat. Ben did not seem like he was in the party mode but Matt was smiling a lot. Ben was more into just seeing Matt and catching up. When they first saw each other, they gave a man hug filled with love.” Another source confirmed Ben’s glum appearance, stating, “Ben Affleck was definitely in a mood. He was seen walking around alone not engaging with many people.”

Unfortunately, Ben ended up being somewhat of a third wheel for a good portion of the night, as Matt attended the party with his wife of 11 years, Luciana.

kanye west loving up will ferrell 2016 gossipMost of the time Kanye West is using his Twitter page to throw shade at pretty much anyone and everyone. Therefore, lots of people were caught off guard when the rapper decided to tweet his adoration for a fellow entertainer. After watching Zoolander 2 on Saturday (for the second time), Kanye expressed his admiration of one of the movie’s stars, comedian Will Ferrell.


Kanye told his followers, “Will Ferrell has reached walking living breathing god status.” Going on to bluntly state, “his existence is a blessing.”

While these tweets of appreciation seemed a bit random, Kanye has actually been connected to Ferrell for quite some time. A few years ago Kanye did a cameo in one of Will’s hit movies, Anchorman 2. In addition, Ferrell is one of the few people who Kanye has actually opted to sample in a song. Kanye’s hit “N****s in Paris,” which is a collaboration with Jay-Z, features Will’s voice from a clip in his movie Blades of Glory.

Later in his drastically more positive rant (in relation to his past few twitter rants), Kanye directly thanked Will, saying, “I just want to thank Will Ferrell for the years of joy he has brought into my life with amazing comedy.”

While it might still seem like weird behavior coming from Kanye, it is nonetheless refreshing to see him throwing praise at a fellow star rather than shade.

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