Matchbox Treasure Tracker Review: 2015 Hottest Kids Toys

matchbox treasure tracker reviews images 2015

Treasure hunts are always guaranteed to give everyone a great time, and with Mattel’s Matchbox Treasure Tracker, a toy truck with a built-in metal detector, it’s double the fun for everyone, especially the little ones!

How Much?

Available this fall, the Matchbox Treasure Tracker from Mattel will have a selling price of $29.99.

matchbox treasure tracker reviews images 2015Who Would Buy The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

The Matchbox Treasure Tracker is said to be perfect for age 3 and up, which means that almost everyone can enjoy it. Toy cars and vehicles are tried and tested when it comes to providing hours of fun playtime for kids, but parents will appreciate how the concept of treasure hunting was integrated into the overall design.

matchbox treasure tracker 2015 hottest toys kidsThings We Like About The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

We like that this is not your typical toy truck. It comes with a built-in metal detector that will easily find small items or objects, even if they are buried.

The sensitivity of the detector is quite notable. It can detect small objects even if they are buried in the sand up to a depth of six inches.

The mechanism is quite simple and straightforward. You will let the truck pass through a patch of sand with the treasure sensor turned on. Once it detects something buried on the sand, there will be a beeping sound and the truck will start flashing red light.

Once the treasure has been found, you can haul it with you. That is when you make use of the truck bed, which is detachable, as a sifter and as a scoop to dig the treasure you found.

Things We Did Not Like About The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

A detection depth of six inches is already impressive enough,  but if they made it deeper, we’d be even more excited about it.


Mattel has not yet released the full details of the warranty or guarantees applicable to this product. However, knowing Mattel, customers will feel more at ease knowing they will be protected.

Is The Matchbox Treasure Tracker Worth The Money?

Everyone is in agreement that, at $29.99, the Matchbox Treasure Tracker is quite reasonable priced. Let us hope that the price does not change or increase before it is finally released in the market.

Where Can I Buy The Matchbox Treasure Tracker?

Mattel’s online store will definitely have the Matchbox Treasure Tracker available for sale. Authorized sellers of Mattel products are also going to have this in stock. If you prefer making your purchase online, the best site that you should check out is Amazon. Amazon sells Mattel products and is even generous with discounts. You may also save up some dollars, thanks to their Free Shipping promo. Keeping checking here for the best prices through the holiday season.

Final Thoughts For The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

Even at an early age, it is good to stir in your child a desire for adventure, and treasure tracking is one great way to do that. Thanks to the Matchbox Treasure Tracker by Mattel, they can get started early on!