Love Ranch Accused Of Robbing Lamar Odom: Kardashians Want A $75K Accounting

love ranch accused of robbing lamar odom 2015 gossip

love ranch accused of robbing lamar odom 2015 gossipHere we are, barely two days after the devastating find of Lamar Odom unconscious at a brothel in Las Vegas, and more information is being released (both willingly and through our journalistic investigation) that reveals something that I have thought from the beginning – the possibility of foul play.

Now am I saying that Lamar was drugged, or there was a conspiracy in place to “take him out?” Not totally. I do, nonetheless, feel like there were forces and people at play that may have greatly aided in Lamar ultimately being found in the condition in which he was discovered. I also think that the withholding of certain information by the Love Ranch is for their protection. From what? That remains to be seen.

There are so many things being reported right now about Lamar Odom: He confessed to doing crack, he partied all weekend, he was popping nearly 10 herbal Viagra pills at one time, he drank a whole bottle of Cognac, and of course, one of the women that both partied with him and then later found him unconscious is a transsexual porn star courtesan. We may need to shift the focus off him and what he did and focus on the brothel itself. Is it possible that there were some suspicious behavior and things done on their part? I’d say so.

They say they don’t allow drugs on the premises, but the media spokesperson of the Love Ranch spilled to 911 that Lamar admitted to doing cocaine during his stay. They sold the Reload to Lamar, and if you recall, this is a product that the FDA warned consumers to throw away immediately. The Sheriff’s Department wound up seizing all of that product from their display counter.

Recent reports, as cited by TMZ, claim that Lamar’s people and family suspect that he was grossly overcharged by the Love Ranch. They also think that staff members robbed him of all cash he had on him.

According to his bodyguard, Lamar’s personal items were returned to him without any cash, which is odd since he always carried large amounts on him at all times.

Of course, Dennis Hof of the Love Ranch refutes these claims saying that the money Lamar spent was for the services rendered. Hof maintains that the $75,000 Lamar spent was for two women to be with him at all times (24/7). But Khloe Kardashian and his family are not buying it.

madison montage 243 tweetMy question is that since Lamar was left unattended for nine hours, was he also paying for the two women for this period? During this nine our timeframe, Madison Montag was on Twitter promoting her services and stating ‘Let’s party!’.

Hof insists that all of Lamar’s things were returned to bodyguard without anything missing. It is clear that he feels a certain kind of way about everything, especially since, according to the DailyMail, he has reportedly been told by Khloe’s people not to speak to the press, to which he has pretty much said “F off.”

“I got a call from their [Kardashians] publicist today saying, ”Are you going to do any media?” and I said yes I’m going to go on the Nancy Grace show and she said ”please don’t do that, we’d rather have Khloe say what needs to be said’… I told her to go to hell.”

Why is he so hostile? The Love Ranch and its owner are obviously trying to capitalize on this situation. Why else would he feel so strongly about the Kardashian’s asking him not to say anything to the press? I get why they don’t want him speaking to the media. He has already given out information that has caused media outlets, like us, to break stories that call a lot of things into question about Lamar’s lifestyle.

dennis hof love ranch

His comments have led to so much press that Madison Montag has made her social media pages private because as you can imagine, people have a lot to say to and about her once it was revealed she not only found him but is transsexual. It was a smart move too since people were tweeting her questions about Lamar, and at this point, she should be careful with what she says as authorities will be watching all social media.

What’s also interesting is that when we contacted the Love Ranch early Tuesday morning asking about Madison Montag, she was more than happy to let my Editor-in-Chief know that he could get a date with her later that day (she let him know how popular Madison was, and he shouldn’t waste any time setting something up), but Wednesday, the place was closed to new customers. I’m assuming when the news trucks and photogs showed up, they realized they needed to be more cautious.

Hof explained why he’s been so open to the media. “I know what happened,” he said. “I’m the one protecting my business and telling the truth about it.”

People want to accuse the Kardashian clan of trying to capitalize on this situation, and I think that they are genuinely upset and saddened by what has happened to Lamar. But what about Dennis Hof? Is he not trying to spin the spotlight he’s getting into free press and publicity?

As I mentioned before, as this situation continues to unfold, the details will prove to be more suspicious and more complicated as to what really happened. And none of us may be ready to know the truth.