‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ 608 Long Game for Cardi B

love & hip hop new york 608 long game studio 2016

love & hip hop new york 608 long game studio 2016“Love & Hip Hop New York” picks right back up where it left off with Moe and Bianca trying to fight each other in the studio. Cardi stays behind after Bianca is escorted out and Moe has a message for her to give to Young B – “it ain’t over.” Yandy apologizes for Bianca’s behavior and says during her confessional that the young rapper’s antics are standing in her way of true success.

Later, Yandy and Bianca meet and she is still pissed over walking in and hearing Moe recording over her track (or what she thought was her track). She questions Mrs. Harris as if she pays her bills and Yandy tells her to chill. While Young B still feels a certain kind of way about Yandy now working with her arch nemesis, she puts those feelings aside, listens to her “manager” and says that she will play nice.

Then there is Mariah Lynn, and she is all over the place. Because she cannot reach Cisco in her time of need, she goes to “the next best” person- Rich Dollaz. She shows up at his place with a personal emergency, and things get flirty very quickly. ML reveals that her mother was arrested again (she’s in her third trimester) and she doesn’t know what to do because she’s tired of having to bear that weight. Rich tells her to channel her emotions into her music, which prompts her to ask him to help her do that. He declines, as he doesn’t want to mix the personal and professional with his artists anymore. She then suggests just a personal relationship to which they both drink. But what about Cisco?

Well, later she meets with him and is open about her going to Rich when he didn’t answer the phone for three days. Now if you remember, this is not the first time Rich and Cisco have “shared” the same woman. Last season it was Diamond Strawberry. Cisco’s suspicions are raised even though ML tells him nothing happened. He tells her she needs to get tested just so he’s sure.  She’s offended (I mean really Cisco, you’re a creep squad member) and says that given his rep, they both should do it together.

Things come to a head when Rich, Rah, and Self have a conversation after his first show and Rich finds out Mariah Lynn is dating Cisco. He’s shocked because of course at his place a couple of nights before, there was no indication given that ML was seeing anyone. So what does he do? Meets up with ML for some drinks AND invites Cisco. Yes, the creep squad boys ambush Mariah Lynn. Things blow up, and Cisco tells Rich that the only reason he started messing with Mariah is to get back at him. His confession is news to her, so she tells both of them she’s good and walks out. The only thing is she is not good. She breaks down once outside away from them, and as far as she’s concerned, both of them can go to hell.

Cardi B shares with her sister that she wants to marry her dude Tommy. In prison, Tommy is all about them getting married and actually has papers drawn up for her to sign. She is excited and says that she doesn’t want to have a traditional wedding, and isn’t opposed to getting married in jail. “That’ll be gangsta.” Her sister Hennessy (yes that is her name) tries to talk some sense into Cardi pointing out the fact that they have not known each other that long, and you know, he’s in prison. But Cardi feels that they have a connection and he’s what she wants right now.

That is until she speaks to him on the phone after a meeting with her manager. Cardi is not feeling Tommy wanting her to be a housewife. He would like for her to have his babies, stay at home and slow down. But she has worked too hard to let everything go now and does not plan to “chill” anytime soon. Doesn’t he know Cardi is about her business? She realizes that maybe her sister was right. She shouldn’t rush into marrying this guy.

love & hip hop 608 peter gunz 2016Now for the most anticipated moment of the episode. Peter tells Amina that Tara is pregnant and to say that she doesn’t take it well is an understatement. The couple has been in a better place since she had her abortion, but after he tells her the news, she can’t take it. Amina doesn’t even want to see his face and walks out. Later, she speaks with Peter’s daughter Whitney, who is very sympathetic. Amina tells her out of all the things Peter has done to her; she doesn’t believe she can get past this one.

A lot happened this week, and it’s all for a build up that involves Yandy and Rah playing nice for Remy’s wedding. Well, possibly. We have to see next week.