‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 507 Playing with Fire and Mimi Faust

love & hip hop atlanta 507 playing with fire and mimi faust 2016 images

love & hip hop atlanta 507 playing with fire and mimi faust 2016 images

This week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi Faust loses her storyline. Yep, that’s right, Chris is out, and it’s all because of Stevie J.

Stevie drops by his baby momma’s house and asks if he can stay with her since he and his “wife” Joseline are having so many issues. Namely, the bitch doesn’t respect him and does whatever the hell she wants (the hallmarks of any healthy marriage). Dawn is back in the picture, and Stevie doesn’t like that. Joseline is looking for a house and doesn’t care what he thinks, another issue for him. And probably the biggest problem yet is that she wants to see her contract before she does any more work with him. All of these things (and more) push him to Mimi. She later tells Chris what’s going on and not really being with the drama, her girlfriend bows out, leaving Mimi sad and crying. But not like real crying. More like the director yelled cut, told Mimi to think of something sad and then said “action” when tears started to well five minutes later. Boo fucking hoo. How she let her ex, and the woman who ruined her family mess up her TV relationship is beyond me.

And let’s talk about Joseline because this trick is on a pedestal so high we all look like ants from her view. Her new found “good girl” vibe is annoying. She says she’s for peace and on a better path but yet she’s still messy as hell. This week, her girl K. Michelle announces that she is back in the ATL for good. What is her reason for returning you ask? To stunt on these bitches, what else. I cannot even begin to explain how played and lame she and Joseline truly are. I mean every single episode these chicks are talking about getting revenge, showing “these hoes” they made it, boasting, bragging and laughing in people’s faces. How can a whole storyline be composed of just that for an entire season? No one cares. K. Michelle paints herself as a victim, and she is everything but that. Where’s the substance? But what am I thinking, this is today’s mainstream reality TV. There’s no such thing as substance. K plans an album listening party to floss on everybody who ran her out of ATL. She sends her friend Karlie Redd to do her bidding.

love & hip hop atlanta playing with fire caht

Speaking of Karlie, this bitch is way too old for the games she continues to play. If she’s not confronting Tommie about gossiping to Joseline (to which the crazy woman says she can do whatever the fuck she wants), she’s getting back at Tommie by sleeping with Scrap? Yes, this week, it is insinuated that the two hook up. She invites him, after hours, to her store to “talk business.” They end up kissing. Later, like a little schoolgirl, Karlie tells Jessica Dime, who tries to talk some sense into the woman. She brings up the fact that he already has two women fighting over him, and Karlie tells her she understands why. Really Karlie? You’re in your 40’s and still willing to waste your life away on some male THOT? These women show atrocious behavior and then turn around and act like they are the ones in control. No bitch you look stupid.

Jessica Dime is no better. She has her moments where she seems saner than the rest, but ultimately, she’s just like them. At Mimi and Arianne’s birthday party, Karlie gives out invitations on behalf of K. Michelle to Rasheeda, and the birthday girl, but she doesn’t have one for Dime, which is a surprise to her. The last she checked, the former stripper turned rapper turned “who the hell knows what she’s doing now,” thought they were. Oh, the look on her face when she doesn’t get an invite.

After realizing that K. Michelle doesn’t mess with her like that, Dime follows Rasheeda to visit Bambi and her “new for TV” boo Chaz in one of the VIP booths. Seeing her in the club with this guy, Dime feels like she should tell her how Scrappy has been hitting her up but Bambi doesn’t want to hear it. I mean, who would want to hear that their ex-boyfriend has been hitting up someone else? What did Dime think she was going to do, open her arms and give her tips? Bambi tells her it’s not her business, and she doesn’t care but Dime, clearly feeling stupid says, “Well it’s your business now.” What? Can someone please get this girl a storyline because I have NO idea why she is on the show? Literally, all she’s done is follow people around this season. They go back and forth, creating a big scene, which is no surprise because these bitches don’t know how to act in public. In Bambi’s defense, she tried to dismiss the conversation but Dime just would not shut up.

Next week, D. Smith and Betty Idol are back (haven’t missed them) and they rumble with the B… as in Bambi.