‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 504 Blackmail and Joseline Hernandez dropping bombs

love & hip hop atlanta 504 blackmail and joseline hernandez dropping bombs 2016 images

love & hip hop atlanta 504 blackmail and joseline hernandez dropping bombs 2016 images

Well, she is back. Joseline Hernandez made her return to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and no one is ready for what she has up her sleeve.

It picks right back up with Tiarra and Tommie going at it over Scrap. Security has really beefed up their presence this season as they swoop in quickly and are very vocal. Tommie is done and tells Scrap, “Good luck with the bull shit.” Tiarra wants to know how he’s going to fix things and when he doesn’t give her the answer she wants, she punches him in the face.

After everything calms down, Tiarra has a talk with Diamond and being the fixer that she is, Dime sets up a sit down with Mimi, who is not having it. She is still upset about Tiarra and Tommie fighting at Chris’ party. But Dime convinces her to give the girl the time of day, especially because she believes that she can help with her baby daddy situation. So after being ambushed with Tiarra over drinks by Jessica D, Mimi softens and gives her advice on how she dealt with her issues with Stevie and Joseline. She tells the young mother that she can’t keep her son from his father, and she needs to make things right. In Tiarra’s view, the only way to do that is by fixing things with Scrap’s mother KK. Hmmm, I wonder how that will go.

Tiarra later meets with her baby daddy after speaking with Mimi and tells him she would like to talk to his mother so that they can settle their issues once and for all. She lets him know that until then, he will not be seeing his son. Scrap, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible, talks to his mother and lets her know Tiarra’s conditions. Now, as much as KK, loves her son, she cannot comply with this request. She tells him she will do anything for him, but she’s not dealing with that “tramp.”

Then there is Rasheeda, and she tries to smooth things over with Scrappy and Kirk. She pays her “little brother” a visit on the set of a shoot he’s doing for his modeling agency. She apologizes for bailing on him, but she had to do what she had to do. She encourages him to speak to Kirk and listen to what he has to say. Scrappy says in his confessional that he’s willing to hear him out, but he’s not going to be the one to make the first move.

love & hip hop atlanta 504 blackmail with joseline hernandez 2016

The big story of the week is Joseline. She is back with some dirt on everyone and one of the people that needs to watch out his her husband. She claims to have some info about him and KK. Since Stevie moved his operations back to Atlanta, she, of course, followed suit. She is planning a party and is inviting everyone. But before she does, she has a sit down with Tommie as she’s heard about her fighting.

During their talk, Joseline tells her to chill. Since they connected during the summer when she visited LA, they have a lot in common. Joseline, clearly on this new found “classy” trip, tells Tommie to be a lady. Tommie then lets her know about Jessica Dime and Karlie telling her not to trust her, which is funny to Joseline. It also pisses her off a little. So she decides to pay her former friend a little visit.

Speaking of Karlie Redd, she is ecstatic about her spread in Playboy. Lyfe Jennings, her boo thang, is on set, and he tells Karlie how proud he is of her, especially for stopping with all the drama. Um, I guess he doesn’t know about the Tiarra and Tommie situation.

In fact, situations abound with this woman. Back in GA, Karlie tells K. Michelle, who is in the ATL now, that she is genuinely hurt by what happened between her and Joseline. She maintains that she was always in the girl’s corner when no one else was. Clearly Joseline doesn’t feel the same way and with the information Tommie gave her, she invites Karlie for some drinks. Ms. Redd thinks that K. Michelle spoke to their mutual friend and got through to her, but little does she know it’s so far from that. Mrs. Jordan threatens to spill the beans on some juicy gossip she has on her. Karlie is disgusted, hurt and fed up with the Puerto Rican Princess and tells her, “I have nothing to hide.”

Next week, things look to pop off at Joseline’s party, especially with Chris, who isn’t ready for what her girlfriend’s former lover has to say.