‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 503 Daddy Stevie J is Home plus Scrapp control

love & hip hop atlanta 503 daddy steve j is home 2016 images recap

Your boy is back on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Yep, Stevie has moved his “operations” to the place that started it all for him. Well, the place that started his reality TV show career.

Stevie, looking to turn his cheater image around I assume, gives advice to his nephew Scrap. If you remember, the member of the King family is caught between two women- his baby momma Tiarra and his girlfriend, Tommie. Tiarra gave his an ultimate, pressuring him to end things with Tommie and she told him she wants a seat at the table when he does. He really has no choice but to give into what she says (or he can’t see his son) and that is part of the reason why it goes so badly during the sit-down.

Let’s talk about this seat down in which both of the women he claims to be in love with sit across from each other and he in the middle. Now, he tells his uncle Stevie that he loves women (lame) when asked if he loves them. Stevie tells him he has to choose, and Scrap says that he loves both (lame). Fast forward to the moment of truth where he has to answer to them face to face, and he says point blank that he doesn’t love Tommie. Oh, why the hell did he say that? It’s like you can see the rage contort her face. She lashes out at Tiarra and we all know is the wrong person. By the end of their “sit down,” both women are standing, and security holds them back from each other.

Speaking of security, they really had their work cut out for them this episode. Not only did they have to intervene at the sit-down, but they also had to jump in during Tammy and Betty Idol’s altercation at the “lunch” with D. Smith. She just sits there as the two ladies go at it. By the end of their fight, Tammy is cool and collected while Betty is escorted out and put in a vehicle where she goes crazy when she realizes the girl pulled out some of her “real hair.”

Tammy confides in her husband, Waka Flocka about what happened. He comes off the road to tend to his wife after her situation. She explains to him that the Baltimore in her came out because Betty was rude and nasty to her. The “singer” questioned Waka’s comments and said some things about Tammy’s family that she just could not tolerate.

Betty, on the other hand, tells a different story to her “friend” Scrappy. While in the studio, she lets him know what happened, and it’s a tough situation for him because Tammy, “is family.” Betty paints herself as the innocent one in the story as she was merely asking questions about her family and husband she says. But Scrappy asks her what she did to make Tammy pop off, and the girl says nothing. Ugh… she is already my least favorite cast member this season. Well, actually she is tied with Mimi because that bitch is just dumb.

Oh yea, Mimi. She finally tells Stevie about her relationship with Chris. He doesn’t really get it but if she’s happy then what can he do? She tells him she hasn’t told their daughter Eva who Chris is to her. All the little girl knows is that she’s mommy’s friend because Mimi doesn’t want to bring strange people in and out of her daughter’s life. Is anyone else slightly bothered by the fact that the show makes it seem like Eva is Stevie’s only child? I mean he has a gang of them, and they are never mentioned. Eh, whatever.

After getting advice from her husband and her mother-in-law who tells her “no fighting,” Tammy decides to have a talk with D. Smith, but it doesn’t go so well. In fact, D does a totally 180 on Tammy during their talk, and it seems to have come out of nowhere. D insults her and says that she’s doing her a favor by modeling for her magazine and clothing line. Tammy says it’s an opportunity for D, but the music producer doesn’t see it that way. They end up throwing jabs at each other as Tammy walks away.

Then there is Bambi and after hearing about the altercation between her bestie Tammy and Betty Idol, she jumps on Scrappy to cut that shit off before it starts. She drops in on him at his “bachelor pad” and is first annoyed that Taylor, his assistant, is there. She gets to the reason for her visit, and while Scrappy doesn’t owe her anything, she makes her point clear, and he acts on it.

Later, he meets with Betty with the intention of getting her to apologize to Tammy. She refuses and tells him, pretty much, that he has to choose between working with her or still dealing with Bambi and the other stuff. Scrappy doesn’t like ultimatums, so he walks out on her. “If you’re not going to apologize, I can’t fuck with you, and I know you don’t give a fuck.”

Next week, Joseline joins her husband back in the A, and nobody is looking forward to it.