‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ gets Halle Berry drinking up at SDCC panel

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Thursday at Comic-Con kicked off with Twentieth Century Fox showing off their upcoming “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” in Hall H, and they delivered plenty of fun for the fans.

Director Matthew Vaughn wasn’t able to be there in person, but he appeared via video. Luckily, the cast was there to be presented by Jonathan Ross. It kicked off with a great Archer crossover where an animated Taron Edgerton (Eggsy) meets Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin).

Taron Egerton is no match for Channing Tatum in a fight, and Halle Berry can hold her liquor.

Those are just a few of the messages Comic-Con audiences got Thursday at the Hall H panel for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” that kicked off the annual fan convention.

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From director Matthew Vaughn, “The Golden Circle” is a sequel to 2014’s hyper-stylized “Kingsman: The Secret Service” about a group of well-tailored and Scotch-loving British super spies. The raucous panel promoting the film went to a new level when Berry downed the half a pint of whiskey that Tatum poured for her in one gulp. Berry and Tatum are new additions to the franchise as American spies called the Statesman.

Berry said her character Ginger is the Statesman equivalent of Mark Strong’s Kingsman Merlin.

“She has hidden depths,” Berry teased. “I’m just going to say that.”

Audiences also saw a few sequences from the film, including one where Egerton faces off against Tatum’s Kentucky cowboy Agent Tequila in a bourbon distillery and loses.

“I am nothing in terms of strength compared to one Channing Tatum,” Egerton laughed. “All I will say is don’t get in a fight with Channing Tatum.”

Tatum said he was a “fan-fan” of the first film.

“I was just begging to be in this movie,” Tatum said.

The crowd in Hall H, which can hold 6,500 bodies, also got a glimpse of a stomach-churning clip introducing Julianne Moore’s sadistic and hyper-nostalgic Poppy, who tortures her subjects with a smile.

Jeff Bridges, who plays a new character named Agent Champagne, was also there, as was Colin Firth whose character Harry Hart met an unfortunate demise in the first film. He is returning for the sequel but remained coy as to how that will actually play out.

The 20th Century Fox presentation did not go past “Kingsman,” however, much to the chagrin of attendees who held out hope for surprise “Deadpool” sequel information.

Other studios hyping films throughout the week include Marvel Studios, Netflix and Warner Bros. with their DC Comics slate.

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Some highlights from the panel:

  • Gibbons praised the cast, who may look different than what was originally seen in the comics; however, this panel was the first time he drew Taron Edgerton as Eggsy, with a lucky young fan being given the sketch.
  • In creating the American equivalent of the Kingsmen, Goldman wanted to play with the romanticized idea of the “Southern gentleman.” As tailoring is the front for the Kingsmen, the Statesmen see their cover in the alcohol/bourbon business in Kentucky.
  • Edgerton claimed he was “nothing in terms of strength compared to Channing Tatum,” and warned not to get into a fight with Channing Tatum. A clip shown later in the panel proved that to be accurate advice.
  • Tatum also had good things to say about his co-star. “He’s unbelievably talented,” he said of Edgerton.
  • Halle Berry’s character is named Ginger Ale. “She’s a mixer, I’m mixed, which is why they chose me,” Berry quipped. Ginger does for the Statesmen what Mark Strong does for the Kingsmen, and Halle promised “hidden depths” to her character.
  • Pedro Pascal trained with experts in how to use a lasso and a bull whip for the film. “How many people out there have cracked a whip properly? It’s fun,” Pascal joked.
  • Jeff Bridges’ character is named “Champagne” but likes to be called “Champ.” One interesting facet of his character is that “he likes to surround himself with what he’s afraid of.”
  • Some “Statesmen Reserve” was imbibed during the panel, with Halle Berry taking on a challenge to chug.
  • “It’s crazy hard work, but it’s such a great atmosphere,” Edgerton said about working on the film. “Matthew creates a spirit of fun. It’s a dream job. The movie is so cool; you’re working with people like this every day.”
  • Channing Tatum was a fan of the first movie and was “begging” to be in the sequel.
  • A fan asked Halle Berry, What is more British – James Bond or Kingman“I’m passing that to Colin [Firth],” she deflected.
  • Julianne Moore plays a villain named Poppy who sets up some 1950s-themed locations in a remote location as seen in another clip. The clip reveals the meaning of the term “The Golden Circle”–it’s a branding–and shows the lengths her people will take to show their loyalty.
  • What makes a Kingsman? “Impeccable manners,” Edgerton said. “Manners maketh man, as we know. I suspect the ability to throw a pretty decent right hook, and some seriously beautiful threads.”

Director Matthew Vaughn returns for the highly-anticipated sequel to continue the story of Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and his fellow Kingsman, who find themselves in a pickle when their headquarters is destroyed, and the world is held hostage. They must subsequently journey across the pond to the U.S., where they team up with their American cohorts in Statesman to take down a common enemy.

 The film also stars Colin FirthMark StrongHalle BerryPedro PascalChanning Tatum, and Jeff Bridges. Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens in theaters on September 22nd.

Comic-Con runs through Sunday.