Kim Kardashian resolves Blac Chyna Kylie Jenner Feud and Afrika Bambaataa fights back

kim kardashian resolves blac chyna kylie jenner feud 2016 images

Kim Kardashian is looking to add peace ambassador after getting Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner to end their feud if there ever was one. Afrika Bambaataa is fighting back on the child molestation claims and Cheerios felt no cheer from Prince fans.

Cheerios Offends Prince Mourners with Tweet, Quickly Removes Post

Prince’s passing has caused a flurry of emotions across the world. People have gone into mourning, and he has been honored in social media everywhere. Brands and companies have also expressed their sadness through social media in an attempt to pay their respects. One company, in particular, has come under harsh criticism for it’s harmless Twitter post.

Cheerios tweeted “Rest In Peace” with a little cheerio over the “I.” People thought they were trying to capitalize on Prince’s death, and many view it as “crass commercialism.” The company removed the tweet, and its parent company, General Mills, based in Minnesota told Ad Age,

cheerios prince tweet

“As a Minnesota brand, Cheerios wanted to acknowledge the loss of a musical legend in our hometown. But we quickly decided that we didn’t want the tweet to be misinterpreted, and removed it out of respect for Prince and those mourning.”

Really People? It’s like folks just sit around trying to find things to nit pick apart. I don’t see anything wrong with their tweet and the folks who say otherwise are too much in their feelings right now.

It’s just a Cheerio, and I bet Prince loved them.

kim kardashian resolves blac chyna kylie jenner feud 2016 images

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner Friends, Kim Kardashian To Thank

I know I wasn’t the only one giving these two the side eye after they took a bathroom selife together at a Kardashian house. You want me to believe that you guys are all of a sudden friends again? I bet they have been friends all along.

As the story goes, according to TMZ, Kim Kardashian called Chyna weeks ago to declare a truce. Since Blac is engaged to Kim’s little brother Rob, I guess she said it’s time to put the bull shit aside. Kim actually invited her over to her home for a sit-down.

According to a source, they covered everything from Rob and Chyna’s upcoming nuptials to the whole Kylie and Tyga dating situation. It’s great that they seem to have hashed things out, but there is probably still a butt load of animosity behind the scenes. You know, with Chyna’s momma threatening to do physical harm to Kim not too long ago on her Instagram account and all.

These chicks think they are so slick.

Afrika Bambaataa ready to fight back against child molester claims

Afrika Bambaataa Breaks Silence, Says Molestation Claims Slanderous

Until recently, the hip-hop pioneer has been mum on the accusations brought against him by several men who say that he sexually abused them back in the 80’s. A few of the alleged victims have gone into great detail as to what actually happened during their encounter with Bambaataa. After weeks of silence, he has finally commented on the claims.

He vehemently denied any wrongdoing during an interview on “The Ed Lover Show” and looks to be in the process of filing a defamation lawsuit against his accusers.

“I completely deny all types of accusations that are being put forth against your brother Afrika Bambaataa… You really need to ask the question, ‘Why now? What is the hidden agenda?'”

He goes on to say that he never met Ronald Savage, the music exec and Bronx Democratic Party activist who maintains that he is one of the men sexually abused by the artist. Savage is the first one to come forth with his account of sexual assault. One of his “platforms” in all of this is working to get New York’s child sexual abuse statute of limitations reformed. As it stands right now, a victim has until their 23rd birthday to report any sexual crime. Savage is 50 years old and says that he has suffered in silence for decades with depression and intimacy issues because of his encounter with Bambaataa.

“If Bambaataa says he doesn’t know me, tell him to take a lie detector test… Ask him if he knew me or if abused me and other underage boys. I’ll take one, too, and we’ll see who is telling truth.”

As far as the lawsuit is concerned, Savage’s lawyer, Luis Sepulveda, says that Bambaataa’s suit will give them a chance to show who is telling the truth in this situation. He welcomes it.

“We welcome the opportunity to have (Bambaataa) speak under oath at a deposition… We welcome the opportunity to present evidence to him. My client’s allegations are true.”

The truth in all of this is slowly unfolding.