Khloe Kardashian Tries & Fails to Break Internet & Victoria’s Secret Feeling Hollywood’s Wrath

khloe kardashian from back st barts 2015 gossip

khloe kardashian from back st barts 2015 gossipIt looks like we are back to Khloe when it comes to which Kardashian is currently attempting to “break the Internet.” On Friday, the 31-year-old reality star shared a bunch of revealing images to her website. Khloe also posted a little glimpse on her Instagram page of the shoot, attempting to lure more people into paying for access to her site/app. Well, the internet is still up and running so her attempt to break it, didn’t go as planned, I guess.

On Instagram, Khloe showed off a collage that focused on her pout and her backside, as she is shown lying in the sand completely bare. Along with the photo, Khloe captioned, “so yeah, this happened while we were in Saint Barts. A bomb ass photo shoot exclusive to my App online…” Of course, she wants you to down that first and then you can see the rest of the photoshoot. These pics just didn’t compel me to do so.

Khloe Kardashian, Instagram photo:

khloe kardashian tries fails to break internet 2015 gossipPhotographer Mike Rosenthal took the photos. When discussing the project Khloe revealed, “[Mike] is a professional photographer and sees naked women all the time, but it was definitely a first for me. Even though I’ve worked really hard on my mind and body to get to this point, I am still shocked I had the courage to do this shoot.”

khloe kardashian st barts photo shoot 2015 gossipWhile she may claim to still be nervous about doing nude shoots, she isn’t a complete newbie to the scene. Khloe has posed in risqué shots various times in the past, including for PETA’s “Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign in 2008.

victorias secret feels hollywoods wrath 2015 gossipVictoria’s Secret continues to be scrutinized by women in Hollywood. The brand – which is famous for its group of very petite models known as their “Angels” – has been receiving negative feedback from numerous notable names, as they claim it is promoting unrealistic and potentially harming body image ideals to the average woman.

Earlier this week, well-known plus-size model Tess Holiday opened up to Yahoo! Style and expressed her concern for the brand’s representation of a women’s body. Tess explained, “They are perpetuating the image of what’s wrong with American and with society, in general, that you have to look a certain way – like a Victoria’s Secret Angel – to feel beautiful and be sexy.”

Tess isn’t the only one to publicly express her negative opinion of the lingerie brand. Earlier in the year fellow plus size model Ashley Graham attacked the brand when several American television channels banned her lingerie commercial for Lane Bryant (due to her size).

Ashley was featured in Lane Bryant’s “No Angel” campaign, which included a group of plus-size models strutting their stuff in lingerie for the various ads and commercials.

Subsequently, when the ad was banned Ashley spoke out about the uneven restrictions applied to Victoria’s Secret. She explained, “Victoria’s Secret girls can flaunt their panties all day long. But when there was a bigger woman with a little bit extra, they snipped it out immediately.”

In addition to Tess and Ashley, other stars that have spoken out against the brand include comedians Rebel Wilson and Amy Schumer.

Nonetheless, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show continues to do extremely well, as it pulls in ample amounts of press and viewers every year.