Guardian of the Galaxy’s Starlord is a Son of a…

guardians of the galazy starlord is a son of a 2016 images

Guardian of the Galaxy's Starlord is a Son of a 2016 images

We now know the identity of Yondu’s jackass employer. His name is Kurt Russel. Er… Kurt Russel is cast as the father of the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Peter Quill also known as Starlord. And you wouldn’t believe what sort of alien he is. Something the Xandarians haven’t seen before.

Well, it turns out that Starlord seems deserving of his self-proclaimed codename because he’s actually the son of an entire planet–Ego, the Living Planet. How’s that possible? It was rumored before that the Living Planet will make an appearance in the GOTG sequel, and it was just confirmed by Marvel at SDCC. What’s more, Peter Quill is his offspring. How? The Living Planet has the power to create humanoid constructs it can use as soldiers or avatars. Kurt Russel takes the role of one such humanoid avatar in order to “interact” with other races. Thus, we get guys like Peter Quill. I’m not too familiar with Quill’s history and was kind of hoping his father would be a human-sized Celestial instead since he did manage to hold the orb for an extended period without containment. It was also a Celestial that was shown by the Collector that previously used the Orb to destroy a planet. But having Ego take that fatherly role is much more interesting.

For the benefit of those who haven’t read a previous piece of mine, Ego is, well… a living planet, or a sentient planet. He’s a massive highly intelligent being often depicted in Marvel comics as a planet with the face of an old man, practically similar to that large Celestial head/way station known as Knowhere. Ego has formidable mental powers since one can assume he has a massive brain. He has vast psionic powers and has the ability of matter manipulation so he can alter his surface at will and is able to propel himself through space. He made his first appearance in Thor #133 in 1966 and in later issues and other comics such as Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four. He was created by the cosmic entity the Stranger as an opponent of his own sentient planet, Alter Ego. The two eventually fought each other wherein Ego won, and now a reduced Alter Ego functions as Ego’s moon.

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“I began to experiment …and that’s how Ego came about, a planet that was alive; a planet that was intelligent.”

— Jack Kirby

Marvel also revealed the hero Mantis would be joining the cast and that she’s also an offspring of Ego which makes her Starlord’s half-sister. Mantis made her first appearance in Marvel Comics The Avengers #112 in 1973. In the comics, she’s actually a half-German half-Vietnamese girl born in Vietnam and was left in a Vietnamese temple of a Kree sect that worships the Celestials. She later joins the Avengers in their adventures and in a later story is revealed to the Celestial Madonna, “the most important being in the universe.” Her abilities include martial arts, plant manipulation, a healing factor, astral projection and telepathy.

Obviously, Yondu, played by Michael Rooker and his Ravagers will cross paths with Starlord’s group which should make the sequel fun and exciting. Yondu, Mantis and Ego should make this sequel pretty interesting. Well, them and Baby Groot.