Giants Janoris Jenkins tears into Browns Terrelle Pryor

giants janoris jenkins tears into browns terrelle pryor 2016 images

Giants Janoris Jenkins tears into Browns Terrelle Pryor 2016 imagesJanoris Jenkins Rips into Terrelle Pryor After New York Giants Top Winless Browns

After the New York Giants topped the now 0-12 Cleveland Browns, Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins went heavy after Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor.

It all started earlier this week when Jenkins made a comment that he doesn’t consider Pryor a real receiving threat.

“No,” said Jenkins when asked if he’s worried about the potential matchup with Pryor. “Because he is another receiver. He is just big.”

Pryor is a little more than “just big.” While Jenkins stands at about 5’10, Pryor comes in at 6’4. Pryor responded to Jenkins diss via Twitter earlier this week after catching wind of the corners comments.

“Talk is talk,” Tweeted Pryor. “We will see Sunday. Never wanted to play the game as much as I do this Sunday!”

Both players played solid games Sunday in Cleveland, Jenkins finishing with five tackles, a sack, and two passes defended and Pryor with six catches and 131 yards. For whatever reason, however, Jenkins roasted Pryor postgame.

“Lol, cause he sucks, he caught balls n Zone coverage.. HeASh*tEaterToMe,” Tweeted Jenkins.

Jenkins then @’d Pryor, saying verbatim, “You a Shi*t Eater to me, u really sucks.. #”

Pryor responded, “You are a great corner. Solid defender! You played a solid game. God Bless !! Good luck rest of year.”

Then, responding to a Giants fan who called Jenkins a top three corner, Pryor Tweeted “Easily. Worth every dime.”

Pryor, however, despite the great game blamed himself and the Browns offense for the loss.

“My performance wasn’t good enough because I didn’t do enough to contribute for us to win,” said Terrelle. “No touchdowns, which is most important. I don’t care if I have 5, 6 yards if I’m scoring touchdowns and helping the team. Putting points on the board would be a big game for me.”

I’m not really sure why Jenkins was such an ass after the game. Unless Pryor said something about Janoris’s mom on the field, I’m not sure how to justify calling him a shit eater on Twitter. Seems a bit excess, but I guess when the Browns haven’t won a game, the team and its players are easy pickings.