Get ready for ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’

get ready for mad max the wasteland 2016 images

Get ready for 'Mad Max: The Wasteland' 2016 images

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel May Already Be in Development

Without a doubt, last summer featured one of the best action films of the 21st Century so far with Mad Mad: Fury Road.

There will always be blockbusters in Hollywood, but not recently has there been one like Mad Max: Fury Road. Directed by George Miller, who helmed the first three installments from the 1970s and ‘80s, pushed the action genre into even higher areas with Fury Road. While the first three films had Mel Gibson as the titular character, the long overdue sequel starred the brilliant Tom Hardy as Max. Not only that, but it also introduced the endlessly fascinating warrior named Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron.

The film received universal praise from critics, not to mention it also went on to garner $378 million worldwide. Considering that most studios these days aren’t in the habit of denying a sequel if at all possible, fans have been wondering if one would ever happen for Fury Road.

Miller has mentioned that he has at least one script ready to go, which now puts all eyes on Warner Bros. to deliver the green light. And luckily, we might have just found some relief in the agonizing wait for what’s to come after (or before) Fury Road. Dark Horizon has reported about a recent news story in the Australian newspaper, The Herald Sun, which revealed that production on the currently titled Mad Max: The Wasteland is already underway.

Since The Wasteland is supposed to be a prequel, it should allow for a great exploration of the long gap between Beyond Thunderdome and Fury Road. And the excitement doesn’t end there; the news story also revealed that the potential prequel will focus on the backstory of Furiosa.

Considering that Fury Road didn’t reveal much about the character’s dark past, it would be fantastic if we could learn more about her. But since the name of the franchise is Mad Max, the prequel will surely include plenty of what’s been going on with the lone explorer as well.

broken hill australian outback

The location of the production is apparently taking place in the Broken Hill area of the Outback. That’s where Fury Road’s production was supposed to take place before a mass influx of rain that covered the area in flowers and shrubbery deemed it unusable for filming. Because the Mad Max franchise is set in an apocalyptic wasteland, a fertile backdrop isn’t exactly ideal. Fury Road mainly took place on the move, showing its vast but empty world. However, the bookend setting to the story was set in the dictator-ruled haven known as The Citadel. While Furiosa was one the fiercest fighters there, how she got there remains a mystery.

mad max fury road furiosa character

But as great as all of this sounds, neither Miller nor Warner Bros. have confirmed that production on The Wasteland is actually happening. If the story is true, then it should only be a short time before we can find out more details about it. Miller had mentioned that he wanted to do something smaller before returning to the franchise, but hopefully, those plans have fallen through.

We will keep you updated as more information about Mad Max: The Wasteland becomes available.