Gareth Edwards talks his ‘Rogue One’ cameo and featurette

gareth edwards talks his rogue one cameo and featurette 2016 images

Gareth Edwards talks his 'Rogue One' cameo and featurette 2016 images

It feels like it’s been forever in the making, but “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is almost here. In less than two weeks we’ll finally be able to see Lucasfilm‘s very first standalone Star Wars feature.

This past weekend Disney held an enormous press junket letting us reporters check out the first nearly thirty minutes of the film at Skywalker Ranch. This is very rare as with regular Star Wars films; reporters are only able to see the trailers and whatever scraps the studio lets out.

Since this film is a whole new ballgame for the franchise with new characters and the action taking place before “Star Wars: A New Hope,” it was a smart move on Disney’s part. Plus I got to check out the first nearly thirty minutes of the film! I’ve gotta say, the footage I got to check out was freaking amazing, and I really want to see the rest of the film now. I can’t wait for the L.A. premiere as many of us at Movie TV Tech Geeks will be there.

One thing Director Gareth Edwards said that resonated after seeing the footage was that he said he shot “Roge One” like a real documentary where the crew was embedded in a true war zone. Think “Hurt Locker” with a Star Wars feel. This one feels so unique and looks like a real war film that takes place in the Star Wars world.

The first thirty minutes shows how the Empire is working to take over the universe and how brutal it is to those that resist. What’s also exciting is that we meet new characters and see new worlds in this new entry in the Star Wars franchise.

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For those that are wanting a little taste before “Rogue One” hits theaters, the latest featurette (above) gives a glimpse into the team dynamic. You can see there’s not so much trust going on and we get to see Tudyk’s droid who will easily become a fan fav.

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Edwards says he gave himself a cameo in the “Star Wars” spinoff “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” But, as with most things “Star Wars,” Edwards is staying mum on what exactly that entails.

The reveal, he said, might have to wait for the DVD extras.

Edwards is a self-proclaimed “Star Wars” super fan and has said that as a child he used to watch the first 10 minutes of the 1977 “Star Wars” every day before school.

rogue one a star wars story admiral raddus 600x373 rogue one a star wars story storm troopers rogue one star wars story felicity jones images

“Rogue One” is set right before the events of that original film and chronicles the saga of the rebels who steal the plans for the Death Star. Arriving in theaters on Dec. 16, “Rogue One” is the first in a series of spinoffs set inside the universe of “Star Wars.”

Rogue One also stars Mads MikkelsenJiang Wen, and Forest Whitaker and arrives in theaters nationwide on December 16th.