Gaming Weekly: ‘No Man’s Sky’ leaked and ‘Fallout 4’ PS4 mods pushed

gaming weekly no mans sky leaked and fallout 4 ps4 mod pushed 2016 images

gaming weekly no mans sky leaked and fallout 4 ps4 mod pushed 2016 images

Gaming Weekly (7/31-8/7): Fallout 4’s PS4 Mods Pushed Back, No Man’s Sky Gameplay Leaks, NX Software Schedule Detailed, Much More

Average in terms of gaming news, this week is significant because it brings us so very close to the debut of No Man’s Sky (for PS4 players, that is—the title will release three days later on PC).

Let’s take a look at all the developments gamers were able to soak in over the last seven days!

fallout 4 ps4 mods pushed back 2016 images

No Release Date in Sight for Fallout 4’s PS4 Mods

It looks like Fallout 4 players who own the game on the PlayStation 4 will have to wait even longer to enjoy the mods that PC and Xbox One players have been experimenting with for a while now. Bethesda announced this week that “The process is still under evaluation” in relation to PS4 mod development, offering essentially no details whatsoever to fans, let alone a release date.

This news is disappointing given that I’m a Season Pass-owning Fallout 4 player on the PS4, but it doesn’t come as much of a surprise, upon some inspection. The core issues with the mod development process for the console have been well-documented (relating predominantly to file size limits and the operating system), and the mixed critical feedback and largely negative fan feedback to Far Harbor definitely didn’t fall upon deaf ears.

The delay in releasing free mods due to coding difficulties is straightforward, but the idea that Bethesda is cracking the whip to assure that all future DLC is loved isn’t. One can be certain that they are doing so, however, as they’re not releasing free content to Season Pass owners selflessly, but are doing so in the hopes of attracting new customers. It’s easy to see why so many complaining fans would deter others from buying Far Harbor, or more dangerously, the Season Pass. This additional DLC effort is likely drawing resources away from the mods.

When Fallout 4’s PS4 mods finally do release, though, the wait will almost certainly have been worth it. Similarly, when Nuka-World is available for download, fans will likely be entertained; additional development time from a talented team will work to assure this.

no mans sky images

Tons of No Man’s Sky Footage Is Being Posted Online

Over a week before the highly anticipated sci-fi exploration title No Man’s Sky releases on the PC  and PS4 (it should be noted once again that the game will hit shelves Tuesday on the PS4 and Friday on the PC), one rule-breaking fan has posted an abundance of gameplay videos. This footage has been quickly deleted from most websites, but copies can still be found through lesser-known online sources—particularly those that believe themselves to be immune to Sony’s (potentially legal) wrath.

I’ll start by saying what you’re probably thinking right now: this guy is a jerk.  Why he feels the need to break the rules in this way—potentially spoiling an experience many have been eagerly awaiting, and that a small team has worked tirelessly to craft—is still a mystery. If he were to solely play the game early that would be his business. But he’s not going to become a celebrity by making these videos, which can once again have very negative effects.

The second observation I’ll relay is that this guy is an idiot. Allegedly, he spent over one thousand dollars for an early-release copy of the game through an illegal source.

Maybe he was under the impression that the game would be given to him one year early as opposed to ten days early. Let’s take a look at some other things he could have purchased with this money instead:

—Fifteen copies of No Man’s Sky at release (taxed at 10%)

—One thousand McChickens

—Around 300 live chickens (seriously, look it up)

—One day worth of legal protection for the next time he infuriates a multi-national corporation

Needless to say, this individual isn’t great at budgeting.

inside launches on ps4 august 2016

Inside to Launch on PS4 Late-August

Inside, the newest title released by the company behind Limbo, Playdead, is coming to the PlayStation 4. The well-received game debuted on the Xbox One and PC on June 29.

The timing of this release seems to indicate that PS4 development was delayed, as opposed to Inside being a timed exclusive. Still, it’s great news for PS4 owners and Playdead. With the cost of developing so incredibly expensive today, it makes sense to maximize profits by releasing work on multiple platforms, for smaller companies.

Truth be told, I haven’t purchased Inside yet, and if and when I do, I’ll be inclined to buy on the PS4.

nintendo nx support first party 2016 images

NX to Release with Powerful First-Party Support

Nintendo isn’t taking any chances with the early popularity of the NX.

While we already knew that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would release not long after the NX’s launch, it was revealed this week that brand new Pokémon and Mario games will hit store shelves within the first six months of the system’s life cycle as well.

This is big news that’s particularly awesome for those planning to purchase the system right when it’s available. However, from my perspective, this doesn’t exactly put to rest sales concerns. The Wii U demonstrated, amongst other things, that first-party support isn’t enough to drive a system on its own. Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, the Wind Waker HD, the Twilight Princess HD, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and several others (some exclusives not made by Nintendo) couldn’t propel the U anywhere near the original Wii in terms of sales.

To really make waves and attract as many gamers as possible, Nintendo should lock-in third-party support. First by sending development kits everywhere so that the endless supply of niche games which benefitted the Wii are created, and second by securing exclusive contracts. Bayonetta 2 was a big deal when it released only on the Wii U, and a third installment or spin-off would also be beneficial. Some of the industry leaders should also be contacted with exclusives in mind—Rockstar Games would be perfect. And while many readers are probably thinking this would be a waste of time, past agreements — GTA Chinatown Wars originally released on the DS only — and the numbers indicate otherwise.

While the multi-billion-dollar GTA franchise’s next main installment would be near impossible to secure, Bully—one of my personal favorites of all-time and a beloved title of many fans—sold only one and a half million copies at launch. The later-released updated version, Scholarship Edition, aided these figures. But what needs to be accounted for is Rockstar’s additional consumer confidence (they’re now associated with the best work in the industry), and all the people who have bought Bully used for a couple of dollars and enjoyed it. Launching the sequel only on the Wii U would be massive for Nintendo—even if they lost some money on software sales and moved more consoles.

Perhaps Rockstar or another company could work on an entirely new series. The point is that third-party exclusives are near impossible to make (and accordingly rarely seen) today because of high development costs. Nintendo should invest in third-party talent by not just subsidizing, but covering their expenses. This way, the fatal flaw of the U can be avoided, and their system will thrive.

Tossing around the required amount of money is ill-advised, but with careful consideration, it’s perfectly acceptable. Think about it like this: Microsoft spent two and a half billion dollars on Minecraft for the right to spend even more money to make new games. Suddenly, one hundred million dollars to Rockstar for a new Bully game doesn’t seem like all that much.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I can’t believe No Man’s Sky is already here, but I’m incredibly thrilled to play it. PC fans have it rough, but Sony’s bankrolling the advertising, so a few extra days really aren’t that long to wait through, with all things considered (I’m sure many of you will have some choice words about this statement).

Until next week!