‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 204 Blood in the Streets and Victor Strand’s Abigail revealed

fear the walking dead 204 blood in the streets and strands abigail revealed 2016 images

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Blood in the Streets

I’ve been telling you all that Victor Strand knows what he’s talking bout on “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Actually, I thought the guy was a jerk. Just like the rest of you. We witnessed why he has been so unwilling to help others on this week’s episode.

To start “Blood in the Streets,” Nick was sent on a mission by Strand. Though it seemed like Nick may have been having a nightmare. The kind that happens during sleep. Not the kind that’s been happening all around them during waking hours.

fear the walking dead 204 blood in the streets and strands abigail revealed 2016 images

While Nick’s busy on shore, the crew of the Abigail get bamboozled by a floating group of three survivors supposedly in need. Chris thought about shooting the people as they boarded the yacht, but let his conscious get the best of him.

Hard to shoot a pregnant woman I reckon.

Among these pirates is the guy Alicia was talking with on the CB earlier in the season.

Strand has abandoned ship onto a dinghy. His escape looks doomed as one of the pirates that took over his boat shoots his raft. That’s when we get a look at the man Strand was before SHTF. It turns out he had been a successful businessman then went bankrupt around the time of Hurricane Katrina.

He starts his climb back up to the top of the financial food chain by ripping the wallet of a drunk guy and using his credit cards to fund another startup.

The rich guy Strand ripped off eventually tracks him down later in another flashback but isn’t pissed. He just tells Strand that he is now obligated to him.

On the Abigail, Maddie is trying to manipulate the pregnant pirate by telling her that her unborn kid is probably dead! Cold move. And it got the lady to thinking that an eight-pound zombie could pop out of her birth canal at any moment.

Who’s this Conner? He’s the “big bad” that sent the three pirates to take over the boat.

fear the walking dead nick hands up

Nick finally finds what he’s looking for, and it’s the bodyguard (Luis) of the rich guy (Thomas Abigail) that Strand is connected to in the flashbacks. Thomas owns the yacht named after him of course, and he and Strand turn out to be more than business associates.

fear the walking dead 204 bloody streets strands lover

More blasts from the past show us Strand and Mr. Abigail as lovers. Strand picked the right guy to scam apparently. Nice that his identity theft victim owned a freaking yacht.

If not for that, he and the rest of his crew would have been stuck in the city and likely burned alive by the military.

fear the walking dead 204 boat pirates

Conner eventually makes it to the ship and takes Alicia and Travis back with him. I guess he thought they had the most value among the group. Travis is building a reputation as a hell of a repairman after fixing the filter system last week and now being able to hot-wire a million dollar yacht.

He’s a good guy to have on hand in a world short on repair shops.

As Nick and Luis make their way back to the Abigail, Nick sees the pirates on board. So Luis goes Chris Kyle, eliminating a couple of the captors. Headshots son! From a moving watercraft no less.

fear the walking dead 204 bloody streets

Maddie finished off the nasty guy named Reed with a crowbar to the torso. Piracy is not a victimless crime, so these people had to pay.

At the end of the show, Strand is saved from a watery grave by Maddie and the gang. Next week’s adventure should involve getting Travis and Alicia back from Conner.

Will Strand and Luis be willing to help, when their ultimate goal is to get to Mexico and Thomas Abigail? Some loyalty had to have been built with the crew saving Strand.


To be fair, no one on that boat was going to get to the safe house in Mexico without Strand, so they couldn’t afford to leave him behind anyway.

With the mention of Hurricane Katrina this week, it makes me wonder if that disaster didn’t somehow lead to the zombie apocalypse. I can see this virus starting in the endzone of the Superdome in those sewer-esque conditions.