Erbert & Gerbert’s Asian-inspired BBQ Brisket and plant-based Roasted Red Pepper Bánh Mi are a must!

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Erbert & Gerbert’s has quickly become our favorite sandwich shop, and we here at Movie TV Tech Geeks take our sandwiches very seriously! There are several in the area we used for office delivery, but once we discovered Erbert & Gerbert’s, it’s like we have just made our biggest discovery ever. Yes, it sounds a little over the top, but this place puts Jimmy John’s and Subway to shame with their amazing bread alone. It’s cooked onsite daily, and it will show you how important bread is to a great sandwich. If you take bread for granted, this place will make you appreciate it as much as you do fine chocolate.

erberts banh mi asian infused new sandwiches
Roasted REd Pepper Banh Mi (front), BBQ Brisket Asian Infusion (back)

You’ve Gotta Try These

Now, they are introducing two new sandwiches that will satisfy everyone’s tastes, especially if you like a more plant-based diet. You can find these new additions right here on the @ErbertAndGerberts menu.

First off is their plant-based Roasted Red Pepper Banh Mi ($6.79) that’s loaded with savory-sweet roasted red peppers and topped with cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and barbecue sauce with cilantro-mint aioli made from Hellmann’s® mayo. This one was my personal favorite. For those of you that normally replace meat with veggies, this will be your ‘send me to heaven’ sandwich.

erberts asian infusion sandwich with drink chips combo meal
BBQ Brisket Asian Fusion

Their other one is a southern take on the Asian classic; the BBQ Brisket Asian Fusion sandwich ($7.99), which features all-natural hickory-smoked beef brisket smothered in barbecue sauce, cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce with cilantro-mint aioli made from Hellmann’s® mayo. If you love your barbeque with lots of sauce and zing, this is the one for you.

Erberts & Gerbert’s pride themselves on Asian -inspired Out-Of-This-World Flavor that is truly Bold Between The Breads™ while also being all about adventure and flavor innovation which helps lead you to a life of possibilities. Yes, that is their message, and thankfully, they really stand by it and deliver just that.

erberts mac cheese barb q sandwich favorite
BBQ Brisket with Mac and Cheese – Amazing

All-time Favorites

While these are great, my all-time favorite is the BBQ Brisket with Mac and Cheese. Just that picture above will get your mouth watering.

erberts chocolate peanut butter crispies delicious

Then you follow that up with their incredible Chocolate and Peanut Butter Crispie treat. It’s not one of those Rice Krispie tough to bite things, this thing is succulent and literally melts in your mouth.

erbert gerbert stories for sandwiches

A little fun fact:

Erbert & Gerbert’s came about from a series of bedtime stories entitled the “Adventures of Erbert & Gerbert Herbert.” The founder was told these tales by his father, and they inspired the sandwich shop where all of the sandwiches are named after the characters in the stories. These stories are in each of their shops which makes for fun reading while you’re waiting.

erberts gerberts exterior shot sandwich shop
Erbert & Gerbert’s St Paul Wabasha Street location

With 100 locations in 16 states, many of our readers who are lucky enough to live near an Erbert & Gerbert’s will have something to get through the cold winter months with. Amazing sandwiches, incredible soups, plus they deliver. Check them out here and you can thank us later! Plus, they have an app and Sandwich Society for those that like to get special discounts and announcements.

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This article was sponsored by Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, but as our readers know, these are our opinions. When we love something, we let you know, and when we hate it, you really hear what we have to say!