Dwyane Wade gets over on LeBron James twice in one night

dwyane wade gets over on lebron james twice in one night 2016 images

Dwyane Wade gets over on LeBron James twice in one night 2016 images

Dwyane Wade Embarrasses LeBron James Twice in One Night as Cavs Drop Third Straight

Back before the World Series, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade decided to make baseball actually interesting for once. Cleveland-native LeBron took the Cleveland Indians, and Chicago-native Wade held firm with the Chicago Cubs. The loser had to don the full uniform of the winning team when the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls met next.

The Indians blew a 3-1 lead, and LeBron lost. Ever gracious in defeat, James made good on the wager, showing up in a full Cubs uniform, cap and all.

“Doesn’t he look good, everybody?” said Wade to the 50-plus media members who waited hours before tip-off to catch a glimpse of LeBron repping Chicago. “Look at him; he looks great.”

“Pinstripes all the way down to the shoes,” said LeBron of his Cubs uniform which was missing only the cleats and gloves. “Yeah, I mean, all the way to the World Series patch on the arm. You know, my Indians gave everything they had, and the Cubs came back, and they showed what true champions are all about. Meanwhile, I’m pinstriped up walking into a nationally televised game in Chicago because of the bet I lost. So, you’re all welcome. You’re all welcome.”

Unfortunately, the embarrassment didn’t end there for LeBron, as his Cavaliers dropped their third straight game, falling to the Bulls 111-105. The Bulls outscored the Cavs in the paint 78-60 and outrebounded Cleveland 49-33.

After the game, James acknowledged that the team needs to get its act together.

“We got to get out of the honeymoon stage,” said LeBron postgame. “You got to play the game the right way. We’ve got to battle every night like we ain’t won nothing. Last year is last year. After ring night is over with, now it’s a new season and everybody is gunning for us every night, and we have to understand that. The honeymoon stage is over. It’s time to play some real ball and be physical, especially in the trenches. Giving up 78 points [in the paint] is ridiculous. We’ve got to man up. Everybody.”

As the reigning NBA Champs, the Cavs have a target on their back. Right now, they’re an easy kill.