Donald Trump claims to finish Robert Mueller homework plus veteran claims

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You know Robert Mueller is getting close to more indictments when Donald Trump begins assaulting him on Twitter, and Thursday saw the president going full force. It’s led many in the media to wonder if Trump’s new acting Attorney General has been sharing information from the Russia investigation.

Since next week is Thanksgiving, many are expecting Mueller to unleash more bad news for Trump on Friday. The president resorted to calling the special counsel “thugs” and revisited his “witch hunt” rhetoric out of the blue.

“There are some that create more issues for us legally than others,” Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani told the paper. Some questions were “unnecessary” and others were “possible traps” or might be irrelevant, he said.

Giuliani’s striking complaint about a perjury trap appears to raise the question of why he might be worried about such an issue — if the President were simply to tell the truth, in answers that will be scrubbed by his legal advisers.

President Donald Trump said Friday that he has answered written questions from special counsel Robert Mueller but hasn’t yet submitted them.

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he answered the questions “very easily” this week about the special counsel’s ongoing probe into 2016 election interference and possible ties between Russia and the president’s campaign.

“You have to always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions,” said Trump in his latest swipe at the integrity of the probe. “But no, the questions were very routinely answered by me.”

The president did not say when he would turn over the answers to Mueller. The special counsel had signaled a willingness to accept written answers on matters of collusion but Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has said repeatedly that president would not answer Mueller’s questions on possible obstruction of justice.

Trump had huddled with lawyers at the White House this week but made clear: “My lawyers don’t write answers, I write answers.”

The president continued to maintain his innocence while launching a fresh round of attacks on the probe, saying “there should have never been any Mueller investigation” while claiming it was a waste of millions of dollars.

But he denied being “agitated” by the probe despite his outburst of critical tweets the day before.

“The inner workings of the Mueller investigation are a total mess,” Trump tweeted Thursday as part of a series of overheated morning posts. The investigators don’t care “how many lives they can ruin,” he wrote.

While the special counsel was publicly quiet in the run-up to last week’s midterm elections, his investigation has suddenly returned to the forefront of Washington conversation and cable news chyrons.

Rumors are reverberating that Mueller may be preparing more indictments and there has been widespread media coverage of two Trump allies — Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi — who say they expect to be charged.

Trump’s flurry of attacks came despite repeated warnings from his aides to refrain from targeting the special counsel.

donald trump false veterans claims

President Donald Trump is spinning a tale regarding the number of jobs he’s provided for military veterans.

At a veterans’ event Thursday, he said the unemployment rate for former service members is its best in 21 years. He’s not even close. It’s only a one-year low. And it was even lower 18 years ago, under President Bill Clinton.

A look at his claim:

TRUMP: “Veteran unemployment has reached its lowest level in nearly 21 years, and it’s going to be better.”

THE FACTS: He’s pulling numbers out of thin air.

The veterans’ unemployment rate fell to 2.9 percent in October, the latest data available, but that is still above the 2.7 percent rate reached in October 2017, also under Trump. That was the lowest joblessness rate for veterans in nearly 17 years.

Veterans’ unemployment has fallen mostly for the same reasons that joblessness has dropped generally: strong hiring and steady economic growth for the past eight years.

In May 2000, veterans’ unemployment dropped to a low of 2.3 percent, and he hasn’t reached that.

In any event, it’s impossible for Trump to claim an achievement not seen in 21 years on veterans’ unemployment. The data on joblessness for vets only go back 18 years, to 2000.