Derrick Rose Is Injured Yet Again

Derrick Rose injured yet again nba chicago bulls 2015

derrick rose face injury nba 2015Well, Derrick Rose is hurt again. Wow, who could have seen it coming? I know, I know.

Rose caught an elbow to the face Tuesday, and left for tests which revealed an orbital fracture which will require surgery. There isn’t a timetable set for his return yet, but orbital fractures usually aren’t the end of the world. The feeling around the Chicago Bulls camp right now is that he will miss the rest of training camp and such, but he should be good to go October 27th when the Bulls open their season against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

derrick rose played missed games 2015So it looks like everything will be okay this time, but it is just another in the long list of surgeries and aliments that the 2010-2011 NBA MVP has suffered through. In fact, let’s take a trip down injury lane with Derrick:

2011: Things started to go downhill for Rose in January 2011. Rose missed a total of 26 games in 2011 before the playoffs with various toe, back, groin, and ankle injuries. All of them were minor, and he didn’t sit out more than 12 games at once. The Bulls still managed to earn the No. 1 seed, advancing to the playoffs and taking on the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round. That’s when an awkward landing and a torn ACL started the downward, injury-filled spiral of Rose’s career.

derrick rose stats2012: Rumors of Rose’s return swirl up constantly. Nike ran commercials, everyone was on Tweeting #TheReturn or something like that, but he never actually came back. Rose missed every single game in the 2012 calendar year—all 94 of them.

2013: Derrick Rose finally comes back and commits 25 turnovers in his first five games. But we all cut him some slack because he was rusty. Then, after 10 games, Rose tore his meniscus. Another surgery, another year lost.

derrick rose on court off stats2014-2015: Rose missed a few of the Bulls’ early games with ankle sprains and a hamstring strain. He stayed relatively healthy moving forward excluding illness and a sore knee that kept him benched for a few more games. Then February rolled around. Another torn meniscus (the same one, in fact), another surgery, more time lost.

derrick rose per game stats 2015Rose played in the playoffs after more injury problems during the regular season, and things were finally looking up for the superstar.

Fortunately this injury isn’t overly serious. Let’s just hope he doesn’t tear his knee apart on the operating table.