CSI: CYBER Ep 106 Evil Twin Recap

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On this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber a NYC hotel’s computer system was hacked into, compromising the personal information of hundreds of people. Agents Mundo and Ryan then flew to NYC to talk to the staff at the hotel. They told him that to be on the safe side the hotel shut down all of its wifi service to guests. The hotel staff then found out that the previous week’s security footage had been wiped out. Agent Mundo asked the staff if their security cameras were linked to their wifi system.

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The hotel manager then knocked on a guest’s door and said that the music they were playing in their room was too loud and that it was bothering the other guests. When the person staying in the room didn’t respond the hotel manager opened the door to the room with his key. He then found Adele Foster, the female guest, dead in her room. Agents Ryan and Mundo found the victim’s cell phone in the toilet and discovered that the phone had been hacked into.

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Back at FBI headquarters the team accessed a blueprint of a typical guest room in the hotel. They found malware in the hotel’s computer system after party invitations containing viruses were sent out to each of the hotel’s employees. They determined that the hacker had gotten into the hotel’s file for the female guest found dead and ordered spa, laundry and room services to her for three days after she had been killed so no one in the hotel would suspect she was dead. The computerized do not disturb system kept the hotel’s housekeepers out of the guest’s room. Nelson then hacked into the hotel’s computer system to show Agent Ryan how easy it is to do so. Through an email that the hacker sent to one of the hotel’s guests over its wifi network the team was able to find the hacker’s IP address.

At a NYC bar/night club Agent Mundo went to investigate another hacking incident and found the suspect in the murder of Adele Foster. The man’s IP address matched the IP address that they recovered through the hospital’s wifi network. Agent Mundo then arrested the man inside the bar. When Agents Mundo and Ryan started to interrogate the man he said he didn’t even know how to hack into anything. He denied knowing Adele Foster and said that he hadn’t killed anyone. Agent Ryan told him they had security surveillance footage of Foster at the bar/nightclub the man works at on the night that she was murdered.

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Nelson and Daniel were tasked with putting back together the destroyed cell phone of Adele Foster so that they could retrieve information from the phone relevant to her murder. When they did so, they discovered that the hacker had put fake text messages on Foster’s phone to make it look like she was still alive after she had died.

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After further investigation Daniel and Raven determined that a coffee shop next door to the hotel also had its wifi hacked and that they believe Evan, their original suspect, who hung out regularly at the coffee shop, may have been framed by the real hacker. They suspected the real hacker got into the coffee shop’s wifi and hijacked the original suspect’s computer to make it look like he had hacked into the hotel. Agent Ryan told Agent Mundo that the case reminded her of when she was a psychologist and a man hacked into her computer and used the information he obtained to murder one of her clients. She also said that she woke up every day wondering if it would be the day her hacker finally got caught.

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Through their investigation the agents found out that Foster was in New York to escape Shane, a man she was in a relationship with who was abusing her. They found out that Shane had targeted Evan to frame him for hacking because he had become involved with Fisher. Shane then confronted Evan and the situation escalated quickly. Agent Mundo confronted Shane and forced him to drop his gun. Shane fled the scene and attempted to commit suicide but was arrested instead. Once they got a hold of Shane’s phone they unraveled more details about what happened that led to the death of Foster. They determined that Shane got into Foster’s hotel room, murdered her and then fled the scene. A microchip in his phone recorded every move he made the night Foster died, proving that he killed her.

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