Marvel’s ‘Cloak and Dagger:’ Finally Superheroes Emerge on Freeform

When one gains superpowers or special abilities, it doesn’t automatically make one a hero or villain unless he/she acts accordingly. In Cloak and Dagger, we see the pair struggle or at least try to adapt to life having their light and dark abilities. Tyrone uses his powers or, his powers often lead him to a path in solving his brother’s murder while Tandy uses hers to clear her father’s name in the Roxxon rig incident. But now, in the latest episode Lotus Eaters, we finally see the pair actually do something truly heroic for others which really has this viewer stoked.

The pair do get involved in some small heroics beforehand before actually saving someone’s life. Let’s first discuss how the divine pair got to where they are now. In the previous two episodes, after a painful parting, Tandy decides to patch things with Tyrone and meets him in school. We later see Tyrone accidentally teleport to the shop of Billy’s friend Duane after seeing his brother’s childhood photo. There, he discovers a link between Duane and Connors.

Tandy, meanwhile, sorts through the files of the now deceased Greg in order to find out more clues to the Roxxon incident which leads her to infiltrate a Roxxon Gala. At the gala, she drinks in the hopes of the people in the files. Tyrone meanwhile is busy with his school’s basketball championship where he chokes on everyone’s fears during the crucial game. Tyrone’s powers get triggered by the stress of the ref’s clear racial prejudice against members of the other team and blames it on Tandy’s use of her powers when he accidentally teleports to the gala.

Detective O-Reilly meanwhile is busy digging into Connors dealings and bonds with him by snorting some of the drugs in the evidence room. Connors fears she’s digging in too deeply and sets up an assassination. Tyrone intentionally loses his game to give the other team some hope and fortunately doesn’t get any backlash. Tandy makes friends with a girl named Mina Hess who she has something in common with. Tandy’s hope drinking is not all rosy as she finds out the hope of her main target. The hope to gain as much money without regard for human life.

cloak and dagger superhero light hits

Tyrone continues to dig into Duane’s operations by trying to become a member in order to get to Connors. He decides to confront one of Duane’s associates but gets assaulted. Here we see Tyrone using his titular comic book powers of trapping people in their fears. He traps his opponent in the Darkforce Dimension and bars his exit while the opponent is frozen in fear of his own boogeyman. For Cloak and Dagger fans, the scene is awesome and is just as awesome when seen from a non-fan perspective. Tyrone later stumbles into the assassination which results in the killing of Duane instead of O-Reilly.

While Tyrone was busy with Duane, Tandy has befriended and visits Mina Hess whose father Ivan Hess an executive and a survivor of the rig. Tandy discovers that Roxxon wasn’t drilling for oil but instead was drilling for an unidentified type of energy which is more valuable and powerful presumably the same type of energy previously seen in Season 2 of Agent Carter. It’s pretty strange that many stuff in Marvel TV series are located underground such as the dragon remains in Defenders (which The Hand presumably uses to resurrect people) and in The Runaways where we have an inkling of a living entity deep within the hole The Pride was digging. Could they all be related to one another in the TV side of the MCU? That would make for a great crossover. Anyway, Tandy manages to see a catatonic Ivan Hess. She sees through his mind a door locked by darkforce energy. Mina, unfortunately, deduces Tandy’s real identity as the son of Nathan Bowen. Connors meanwhile chases Tyrone after his botched assassination of O-Reilly and Tyrone escapes.

In Lotus Eaters, the pair meet up at the church where they discuss their experiences. Tandy asks Tyrone for help with the darkforce and the both visit Ivan Hess and enters his mind. They manage to open the door and end up inside the locked mind of Ivan situated within the final moments of the rig incident. This is where the series finally become fantastical and shows the pair’s superheroic potential. Hess no longer remembers himself after being trapped for so long. He does describe the sequence of events until the explosion and how to stop it. Tandy and Tyrone try to do so but can’t. There, they encounter the other rig workers seemingly becoming zombies after coming in contact with the rig’s strange energy. The pair finds that it’s easier to use their powers in the strange world of Ivan’s mind and fight against the zombified workers. They fail and get trapped in the repeating sequence of events. Tandy realizes that it’s her dad on the other end of a ringing phone and her longing for her dad results in her getting stuck herself.

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Tyrone convinces Tandy that it’s not real and the pair manage to snap Ivan Hess out of his trance and makes him realize he has a daughter waiting. The three of them succeed in getting out of Ivan’s locked mind. So in this episode, we see that they actually manage to save someone’s life which would also drive Tandy’s investigation of Roxxon’s activities forward. We see the pair use their powers like superheroes. It’s amazing seeing Tandy throw or actually shoot her daggers from her hands and Tyrone use his teleportation powers to avoid attacks and correctly position himself.

One thing I hope to see here is that Cloak actually looks like, and has a cloak instead of simply a kid in black and teleporting places. Olivia Holt as Tandy has grown on me and doesn’t even need a costume yet seeing how awesome her dagger throws are. This is turning out to be a good series and with three more episodes to go, the momentum hopefully doesn’t stop.