Chris Pratt’s ‘Passengers’ gives a quick tease with Jennifer Lawrence

chris pratts passengers gives a quick tease with jennifer lawrence 2016 images

Chris Pratt's 'Passengers' gives a quick tease with Jennifer Lawrence 2016 images

First Teaser for ‘Passenger’ Arrives; Full Trailer Hits Tomorrow

Two of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now are Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Last year saw Pratt breaking many impressive box office records with Jurassic World just months before Lawrence made her supposedly final appearance in The Hunger Games franchise. And coming this December, the two unbeatable stars are teaming up for the mysterious sci-fi thriller, Passengers. The press for the film has been surprisingly minimal, which has only heightened our intrigue of what’s to come. There were a lucky few that attended CinemaCon earlier this year that had the honor of seeing some teaser footage. But until now, there hasn’t been any released to the general public.

With stars like Lawrence and Pratt together on the big screen, it’s pretty uncanny (and aggravating) that there haven’t been many details released besides a vague poster, basic plot synopsis, and a couple of images. The film follows a spaceflight that’s en route to a distant colony. But a malfunction in the sleep chambers causes the two passengers to suddenly wake up. That issue wouldn’t necessarily cause danger normally, but the malfunction happens 90 years before the spaceship is supposed to reach its destination. And since the holiday season is approaching, a teaser for Passengers has finally been unveiled through the film’s official Twitter page. The new footage doesn’t give many plot details away, but rather floods us with gorgeous flashes of the spaceship and the film’s two stars. Check it out below.

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The teaser showed Lawrence kissing Pratt, so clearly something pretty big happens after the two wake up. And if this new look wasn’t exciting enough for fans, the teaser also let on that the full trailer is debuting tomorrow. So, everyone should basically drop everything, stay up all night, and monitor the internet activity like a hawk. Space is great and all, but having Lawrence and Pratt involved is even better.

jennife lawrence walking chris pratt for passengers

The setting alone seems perfect for a thriller that also has a risky love story mixed in to it. The film is being helmed by Morten Tyldum, director of the Oscar-winning period drama, The Imitation Game. Since that film is filled with riveting drama, he will surely be able to bring an equal amount (if not more) of that to Passengers. It is an interesting change of pace for the filmmaker, going all the way from a quiet historical story to a futuristic sci-fi adventure. Although, the aforementioned lack of press must mean Sony is really counting on the huge draw of the two lead stars to bring in audiences.

passengers with chris pratt

Passengers is debuting shortly before Christmas Day, so hopefully that will give the film an extra bump in box office sales. Unfortunately, Passengers will not only be competing against the Michael Fassbender-led Assassin’s Creed that hits the same weekend, but also the hugely anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that opens one week prior. Despite that, Passengers looks like it could easily be one of the year’s best films. Its talented leads and very capable director give this one a fighting chance to make some waves during awards season. Stay tuned for the full trailer tomorrow.

passengers with chris pratt holding jennifer lawrence

Passengers arrives in U.S. theaters on December 21, 2016.