CATFISH 417 Hundra, Emily & Machine Gun Kelly

catfish 417 emily machine gun kelly 2015 images

catfish 417 emily hundra machine gun kelly 2015 imagesSeason 4 Episode 17 of Catfish is all about Hundra and Emily. This episode is particularly unique as musician Machine Gun Kelly joins Nev, as a temporary replacement for Max.

The team gets an email from a girl named Hundra, a young woman living in Philadelphia, who says she has become very attached to a girl named Emily she met online. However, Hundra is very insecure about her relationship as Emily continues to play games and refuses to meet her.

In addition, Hundra warns the Catfish team that in reaching out to them she is risking a lot. This is because she grew up in Haiti, where she was raised in a family with very strict expectations. Therefore, the fact that she is gay is not supported by her culture and she believes she may be disowned once her family finds out.

Nonetheless, Nev and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) decide they want to help Hundra and proceed to video-chat her.

During their chat, Hundra reveals that she has been heart broken numerous times by men and reached out to Emily when she was feeling “gay for a day.” Hundra says she connected with Emily over they struggles they faced with their sexuality and being fearful of the reaction of their families.

She then goes on to tell them about an incident where she wound up sending Emily money to help her pay for repairs on her car. However, Emily has been playing games with her throughout their whole relationship and it has become increasingly distressful.

Nev and MGK drive out to meet up face-to-face with Hundra. At their meet up, Hundra explains how nervous she is, as a Haitian coming out as gay on national television.  They go on to discuss her relationship with Emily. Hundra explains that during the incident where she sent money, Emily had given her a differing address and name to the one she was familiar with. In addition, Emily has texted Hundra with various different cell phone numbers. Currently, she has been texting her from a number with a Philadelphia area code, not a New York code where Emily claims to live.

Nev is surprised to find out that over the whole course of their relationship, Hundra has only received three pictures of Emily. On top of that, Emily has also deactivated her Facebook profile.

Nev begins showing MGK the ropes when it comes to snooping and uncovering a catfish.

catfish 417 what we know images 2015They begin by reverse searching her current phone number, which comes up with the name “Geralyn,” a 21-year-old living in Philadelphia. The picture associated with “Geralyn” is a young, shorthaired tomboy who identifies as a lesbian. The story gets interesting when they notice that the girl “Geralyn” is seen kissing and being affectionate with in a number of her Facebook profile pictures turns out to be the girl Hundra knows as Emily. However, her name is Melanie not Emily.

The next day they return to Hundra’s house. They tell her all about “Geralyn” and Melanie (aka Emily). Hundra is rightfully distraught over the potential truth about the person she thought she knew.

They end up sending a message to Melanie and shortly after receive a call from her. Melanie explains that she had no idea that someone was using her pictures pretending to be “Emily.”

The next day, Nev, Hundra and MGK meet up with Melanie and explain to her the whole situation. Melanie explains that she is in a relationship, but Geralyn is her ex-girlfriend. Nev begins suggesting that Geralyn has been using Melanie’s images in order to catfish Hundra as Emily.

They wind up getting Melanie to call Geralyn and convince her to meet them.

Nev, MGK and Hundra drive to Geralyn’s house. Here, it is clear that Emily does not exist and it was all Geralyn using Melanie’s photos to get her mad. Geralyn admits that she initially was just playing games but developed feelings for Hundra.

Rightfully, Hundra is upset and claims she went looking for a “lipstick lesbian and ended up with a f*****g butch d***.” Both Nev and MGK are taken back by Hundra’s rage.

It is at this point that the episode does a complete 180.

The next day, Geralyn messages Nev and asks to meet up with them without Hundra. Nev and MGK go and talk with her, where Geralyn explains that she “doesn’t know Hundra” and that they have only been talking for 4 weeks, not the 9 months that Hundra claimed.

The big shocker is when Geralyn says that Hundra had asked both Melanie and her for help. Therefore, it now becomes evident that Melanie was in on the whole plan of getting Hundra on the show. Geralyn says the only reason she agreed to help Hundra get on the show was because Melanie (her ex) really wanted her to.

Basically, they catfished Catfish!

MGK is enraged, as the whole thing was a charade orchestrated by Hundra, Melanie and Geralyn.

MGK storms out and says he is about to get “crazy” on Hundra.

They end up getting Hundra and Melanie to come to Geralyn’s house and right away Melanie tries to continue the act, and pretend that she is mad that Geralyn used her pictures. However, Geralyn right away tells her “this whole thing is over,” referring to the fact that Nev and MGK are aware the whole thing was a set-up to get on TV.

Hundra claims she wanted to be on TV to come out. However, Nev and MGK aren’t going to let it slide and Nev points out that the show isn’t about her coming out anymore; it’s now about her lying, setting a bad example and looking incredibly selfish.

Melanie explains that she was friends with Hundra and wanted to help her out. Geralyn was just strung along because she wanted to please her ex. They end up apologizing, but Nev and MGK are definitely not impressed with the whole situation.

Hundra ends up coming to Nev’s hotel and wants to talk to only him. She tells him that she is not going to apologize, as she wanted her coming out to be “something memorable for [her].”

Two months later, Geralyn and Melanie claim that they “learned their lesson.” In addition, Hundra says she is slowly coming out to her family and friends. She then tells Nev and MGK that she is not sorry for what she did and that they should be happy that she gave them the show that she did.

Needless to say, Nev and (especially) MGK are not too happy with being somewhat catfished themselves. Nonetheless, it did make for an interesting and completely unexpected twist.