Boy Kim Kardashian Ray J Gets Bent & RHOA Drops Claudia Jordan

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kim kardashian baby boy claudia jordan rhoa taylor swift apple images 2015Mondays always brings a new sense of starting over and for celebrities, a new round of crazy stories, but there’s an image already of what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s son will look like and Princess Love won’t be riding Ray J’s stick no more as he took her Bentley.

kanye west kim kardashian baby boy coming 2015 gossipKim Kardashian and Kanye West Having a Boy

For those that care (you know you do) Kim K and her rapper husband Kanye West announced on father’s day that they are having a little boy.

This comes not too long after the initial announcement that she is pregnant. It has been no secret that she apparently had some fertility issues. We are happy for them that they got past it and are not bringing another little life into the world.

Hmmm, I wonder what they are going to call him. Knowing them, they just might got with West West or South West and then sue that airline for trademark infringement.

kim kardashian kanye west baby boy images 2015 gossipForensic artist Joe Mullins, who’s known for creating renderings of what expected celebrity children may look like, shared his latest prediction for superstar couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Mullins, who carefully studied photos of Kardashian and West for the project, used modern computer technology to render the possible features of North West‘s little brother. The rendering imagines a little boy who has his father’s nose and broader face shape, and shares his mom’s rosy cheeks and large almond-shaped eyes. He looks more like a President Barack Obama doll to me.

claudia jordan fired leaving real housewives of atlanta 2015 gossipClaudia Jordan Fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta

Well, we kind of knew it was inevitable. Someone was going to get the axe before RHOA started taping season eight and sources say that it was newbie Claudia Jordan.

Reports are all over the place as to why she was let go with most of them pointing to her beef with NeNe. It is no secret that NeNe Leaks pretty much runs the show which leads a lot of people to speculate that the firing was done at her request or in her case, command.

nene leakes rhoa claudia jordan fights 2015It is a shame because Claudia only made it a year. But I have to admit, that while I thought she was pretty level headed at the start of the season, it did seem like she was fishing for a story line. I mean, yes she clapped back at NeNe and had a very open beef with Porsha, but outside of that, she really didn’t have anything of her own. And then in one of the last episodes when she all but chased NeNe out of the kitchen during Phaedra’s black men fundraiser, it was not a good look and goes to show that you do have to bring something to the table other than good looks.

I am sure she will be fine though. According to her, she has “jobzzzz” so…. Haters get back.

Of course, Jordan is saying she wasn’t fired, but the only people from the cast present for the Bravo upfronts were Queen NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss. In the past, Bravo has brought out all the Housewives, but this is definitely a statement to the other to get some good storylines going or get replaced!

We just heard from some of our more reliable sources over there and yes, NeNe Leakes did put the kick in Claudia’s butt to get her out the door. As they said, “Claudia was a huge huge threat to NeNe and she doesn’t like anyone taking her spotlight or making her look bad. Sadly, NeNe has made herself look awful this season. She hates anyone pointing out any of her many flaws, and the production crew here will be sad to see less of Claudia. She was a lot of fun and brought a much needed younger feel to the show.”karrueche tran with memphis depay for chris brown 2015 gossip

Karrueche Tran Moves on to Soccer Player

So is this a thing? If you date Chris Brown you inevitably end up with a soccer player. Rihanna has recently been connected to one and now Karrueche Tran.

memphis depay with karrueche tran 2015 gossipShe was spotted in South Beach getting pretty chummy with Memphis Depay, a Manchester United soccer player. Can someone say, “Upgrade?” Depay is 21 years old and just recently signed a $40 million deal with the team last month.

Good for her.

taylor swift apple letterTaylor Swift Wins Again

Like seriously, does Taylor Swift ever lose? I mean maybe in love from what we can gather but in every other aspect of her life, she is winning. She can now add music warrior goddess (or something like that) to her name.

In an open letter to Apple entitled “To Apple, Love Taylor” she questioned them about artists not being paid for their music during free trials of their new streaming music service.

She asked them how such a decision can be made by a company that is “historically progressive and generous.” Then she laid it on them and said that her album 1989 will not be on their streaming service.

And guess what? They reversed their damn decision.

Many people consider her the most powerful person in the music business and so when she speaks you best believe people, even people who run one of the biggest companies to ever exist, listen.

Girl power in full effect.

ray j takes princess love bentley 2015 gossipTrouble in Paradise? Ray J Takes Princess Love’s Bentley

I just don’t get these famous relationships… or maybe I just don’t get relationships. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood “star” Princess Love and singer Ray J have apparently called it quits… again.

This time though, he not only too his heart and his things with him, he took her Bentley.

“I bought a car and I put it in his name and he took it and gave it away.”

Rumors earlier in the month said that he “repo’d” her car which turned out to be true but the thing is, she bought the damn thing. Yes she paid for it but for whatever reason put it in Ray J’s company name.

“It wasn’t a gift, it wasn’t something that you bought me. It was something that I got myself and put in your company name like a dumbass, so whatever. I hope my car takes him wherever he needs to go.”

Love obviously makes you do strange things and this one is right up there with jump off a cliff.