BIG BANG THEORY Ep 824: Break Time For Sheldon & Amy Shamy

sheldon dealing with amy breakup big bang theory finale 2015


On the season finale of the Big Bang Theory, Amy and Sheldon kissed on his couch and then talked about how they had been dating for five years. They then began to argue because Sheldon changed the subject to a TV show he wanted to start watching.

amy angry with sheldon break up big bang theory ep 824 2015

At the comic book store Stuart told Raj and his girlfriend that he was closing the store early because he wanted to get home to Howard and Bernadette’s for a meatloaf dinner. Penny and Leonard arrived back at Leonard’s apartment after going to a farmer’s market. In the apartment Sheldon asked Penny for advice on why Amy was mad at him for caring more about a TV show than their dating anniversary. Penny said that Amy felt like she was being ignored because while Sheldon was kissing her he was thinking about his TV show.

Back at Howard and Bernadette’s house Raj was visiting and talked to them about Emily and whether or not she had seen his evil side. Raj then said Emily wanted to have sex with him in a graveyard. Bernadette said she didn’t see the harm in two consenting adults going to a graveyard to have sex. Raj speculated about whether or not he should break up with Emily. Howard said that Raj has never broken up with anyone before and Raj shot back that Howard didn’t like Stuart living in their house yet he hadn’t bothered to ask him to leave either. Raj said he didn’t want to hurt Emily’s feelings and that he didn’t think Howard wanted to hurt Stuart’s feelings.

sheldon big bang theory finale 2015

Penny and Sheldon talked about how his relationship with Amy is moving very slow and that it might be moving too slow for her. Penny also pointed out that in the five years Amy and Sheldon have been together they have never slept together. Sheldon then shot back that Penny and Leonard weren’t moving forward in their relationship either. He pointed out that they had been engaged for more than a year and still hadn’t set a wedding date yet.

Bernadette then talked to Howard about possibly asking Stuart to move out. They then agreed that when Stuart got home that night they would ask him to move. Howard then told Bernadette she would have to be the one to bring up the subject to him.

penny leonard go to elope in vegas big bang theory finale 2015

Leonard asked Penny why they hadn’t chosen a wedding date yet and Penny said they were busy with other things and that their relationship was going very well. Leonard then asked Penny if she still wanted to marry him and she confirmed that she did. They then argued about the logistics of planning their wedding.

raj in cemetary with emily big bang theory final 823 2015

Raj and Emily spent part of their night sitting in a cemetery. Emily poured a glass of wine for each of them and asked Raj if being in a cemetery after dark was scary to him.

Sheldon apologized for causing Leonard and Penny to argue about their wedding. He then brought up the fact that they hadn’t yet chosen a wedding date and Penny asked Leonard if he wanted to get married that night. When Leonard asked if she was serious she told him Las Vegas wasn’t very far away from them. Leonard then said he wanted to do it and the two kissed.

stewart move out of howard and bernadette big bang theory 824 ep 2015

Howard and Bernadette prepared to ask Stuart to move out. Howard then ran upstairs, but Bernadette called him back down. When Stuart got home he said he had to put away the yogurt he had bought for Bernadette since he had eaten all of hers. He also bought a box of Crunch Berries for Howard. Bernadette told Howard to not let that sway him. When Stuart got back into the living room Bernadette told him they needed to talk. At the cemetery, Raj said the same thing to Emily.

Raj told Emily that he cares about her a lot but they are very different people. She then asked Raj if he was breaking up with her and Raj denied it. Emily told Raj to be honest with her and if he wanted to end the relationship he could just say so but that she wasn’t going to do it for him. Instead, Raj told Emily he loved her and then he kissed her.

At Howard and Bernadette’s house, Stuart said that it was his birthday upon getting a phone call from his father. Howard and Bernadette then gave Stuart a cupcake with a candle in it and reluctantly sang him happy birthday.

On the way to Las Vegas, Penny was looking up wedding chapels and found one at a Las Vegas Denny’s restaurant. Penny said that they could get on with their relationship without regrets but Leonard was hesitant to say the same thing. Leonard then said there was one thing he needed to tell Penny. He confessed that a couple years ago when he was on a research mission in the North Sea he kissed another woman. Leonard said it still bothered him that he had done that and that he wanted Penny to know he had. Penny asked Leonard why he was telling her this now. She then said she felt like by telling her this information now he was trying to sabotage the two getting married. She said she wasn’t happy that it had happened but that she thought she could get past it because they weren’t engaged when she did.

sheldon dealing with amy breakup big bang theory finale 2015

Amy and Sheldon had a video call where Amy told Sheldon that even though she loved him she needed to step back and take a break from their relationship. She then said goodbye to Sheldon and ended the video call. He closed his laptop and looked at a Gollum figure on his desk. He asked Gollum what he should do with the ring he had bought for Amy.

That’s it for this season of the Big Bang Theory. Viewers will have to wait and see what happens next.